Sunday, February 24, 2013

X-Men Origins: Wolverine May 03, 2009 12:41AM PST

is a pretty bad ass movie. Saw the 12:10 showing Thursday. The story isn't its strongest point but it definitely works and the fights and special effects make it worth it. Oddly enough, though I enjoyed it thoroughly I completely agree with some of the negative reviews along the lines of "It's like Ultimate Fighting Championship with Special Effects" Yup, sure is. Well, there's a BIT more plot but that's more or less its appeal. If you want cheesy one liners, cool characters, a not-really-good-but-better-than-critics-say plot, and a bunch of shit blowing up watch it. Otherwise, Garden State is still one hell of a good movie. Also saw Religulous, which despite dragging towards the end, is pretty funny and Bill Maher (queen that he can be) actually pulls back respectfully enough to get real conversations going; don't get me wrong he goes to simply bashing faith too and that tactic is often more entertaining, but the movie gets its facts straight for the most part which is nice because if one more loose change 9/11 Truther references Zeitgeist as a credible source I may blow my brains out. Bonus realization: Members of the Vatican are some of the LEAST fundamentalist religious people I have ever seen; they're like the warm, accepting half-heathen grampa that knows it's all bullshit and basically just goes for the community and moral lessons. If none of this was coherent, I don't care. Too tired, gonna go play guitar in another room so as not to piss off the roommate. Peace. Edit: I don't know why Wolvie is getting SFX hate, I thought it looked pretty damn good; one exception: the claws in the bathroom when he's taken in by the old man. FAKE Current Music Modest Mouse - Polar Opposites

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