Friday, February 22, 2013

Y'know in cartoons when people get so freaked out they faint? Apr 29, 2007 10:07AM PST

Well when you have a little puss on your finger and you forget that mother's intuition is inaccurate long enough to believe "OMG it could be blood poisoning!" .... Let's just say I had my eyes wide open then couldn't see two inches in front of me, bumped into someone on my way to lie down then came to after a far more sane diagnosis from dad. To make things freakier, later that night every time I booted up PeoplePC I heard some Christian pop song about God being shelter. I wote it off because 1) the song really did have jack to do with my situation and 2) it broke up every time I was loading something. I'm no holy man but I'm assuming if God had a message for me he'd probably stream it? In basketball news: bleh. The ONE team that could regularly beat us in the regular season(we= Dallas Mavericks) just has to squeak in the first round of the playoffs to lead us 2-1. Freakin' (ex-Mavericks coach, now Golden State Coach Don) Nellie!

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