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1upYour Summer Non-Gaming Hobbies Jul 05, 2010 6:09PM PST

Unfortunately, I took down youtube videos of myself playing, but I have gotten into covering and doing Mega Man songs since playing the original series on
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I recently watched all of The Angry Video Game Nerd and most of the Nostalgia Critic's videos. I'm thinking of doing a blog dedicated to comparing them (I like NC better personally).
I also like to listen to The Adam Carolla Podcast and while I'm listening I'll either be playing or a game on Usually freetetris since I don't know if there is a way to control volume on nintendo8.
I also subscribe to a few youtube channels, which I might go into depth on later.
Currently a waiter at a place I've worked 3 years. I don't always earn quite as much as I'd like but most hours are at night or in the afternoon and I save almost everything I get so it works out for a summer job though I'd like to do something not involving food in the near future.
I'm a pretty lazy guy, so a good movie and a restaurant are a pretty damn good night for me. I do go to the occassional drug induced night out but I keep it rare and safe, and I'm not in the mood for the hassle very often.
I also love watching movie reviews, just so long as they don't feel scripted and they're especially fun when critics start arguing.
Not really a hobby, but I did take a class where they gave me fancy camera and photoshop stuff, so here are some pictures I submitted for that class:
No shit.
Edit: I have also done stand up a few times, a couple of which have been at competitions at my university, including one in which myself and 4 other comedian competitors met and did sets inbetween comedian Jay Black's stand up. He's a really nice guy and his stuff is very funny, so check him out. I wish I had people film my stand up but they didn't so at best I could give you guys written parts of my sets. If I do, keep in mind they were written 30 mins beforee I entered these competitions and people told me they liked my stuff so there.

Notable comments: Gammit10 was digging the guitar vids I took down, and this is where ignipotentbrendan added me on facebook.

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