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A Little Music Experiment Dec 14, 2007 9:20PM PST

I posted the first bands that came to my head in alphabetical order into youtube to see what music Iâ??m aware of and if thereâ??s a certain trend in music my mind leans towards. Hereâ??s the list of those bands, why I think I thought of them first, whether I liked their song and on some my impressions of the video. Atreyu â?? Right Side of the Bed Why chosen: Probably the only band Iâ??d think of that begins with â??aâ??. Song: Itâ??s cool and has a nice (little) solo, but I hate when bands do that scream in verse, sing in chorus thing. Choruses were good but verses were just something to get through. Bad Religion â?? Los Angeles is burning Why: because Greg Graffin has an awesome voice which sounds good in a weird no where near being high but still very melodic way Song: Awesome lyrics and melody and one of my faves from BR Vid: Fahrenheit 451 references ftw Cannibal Corpse - â?¦ forgot song name Why: Just watched Metal: A Headbangerâ??s Journey documentary and remembered their messed up cover art. Sorta surprised I didnâ??t think of Children of Bodom first. Song: I donâ??t consider this kind of death metal music. Justâ?¦ no. Vid: Was actually pretty funny. Fan made with hot dancing Indian chicks. Dio â?? Holy Diver Why: Found out from that same metal doc that he invented the â??devil hornsâ?? sign from his Italian motherâ??s superstitious â??evil eyesâ?? Song: That bass line is pure ecstasy Vid: Cheesy 80s is hilariously bad yet kinda cool simultaneously Evanessence â?? My Immortal Why: Their very popular and only band I could think of with â??eâ?? at the time Song: A very nicely done ballad. Gotta say, though their not my favorite I think props are owed. Flyleaf â?? All Around Me Why: I actually hated them when I first heard them so that may be why. Remembering my hatred Song: Surprisingly, I actually felt it was pretty good even though Iâ??ve heard it before and not liked it Vid: Then again it had good visual help. Those bleeding walls were cool and for some reason chicks dancing around barefoot is kinda sexy. Gorgoroth â?? Revelation of Doom Why: Because I recently found out Norweigan black metal actually actively burns churches and Iâ??ve been fascinated in the way you get fascinated by the Bible: itâ??s just so ridiculously messed up and violent. Song: Black metal is not music imo. Hatebreed â?? I Will Be Heard Why: I figured out this band wasnâ??t near as bad as I woulda thought on the Ozzfest CD sampler Song: Like all HB songs, itâ??s incredibly straightforward (nary even a breakdown) but perfect moshing music. Interpol â?? Slow Hands Why: Another band I remember not liking when I first listened but have no idea why cause theyâ??re amazing Song: My God, that chorus is just too good and I love the lead singerâ??s voice. Vid: I donâ??t get it but adds a trippy good time Janis Joplin â?? To Love Someone Why: Still canâ??t think of anyone else starting with â??Jâ??. Song: Not bad but not memorable either. For some reason I always though Joplin was a black woman. Huh. Kansas â?? Dust in the Wind Why: Carry on My Wayward Son kicks ass, so I figured Iâ??d check out more Song: Meh. Not bad not good, acoustic thingy. Kinda disappointing after COMWS Lamb of God â?? Ruin Why: Theyâ??re extremely prevalent in the modern metal scene so it makes sense Song: I still think the lead singer has the coolest way of doing â??evilâ?? vocals. Instrumentals could be more complex but work well enough, some if it sounds like Laid to Rest which I like better but LoG was never my favorite. Vid: Kinda draws me in and turns me off at the same time. Part of me is drawn to the shock vale but then I never liked disturbing those that leave others alone so â?¦ eh Mars Volta â?? Goliath Why: Heard they were real experimental and had to check em out. Song: Awesome in so many trippy ways. Beat and vocals are best elements. Vid: For whatever reason that ghost costume the lead singer wears enhances it. Nickelback â?? Rockstar Why: I really hate that this is the first â??Nâ?? I thought of but I used to like them. Had a couple good albums at first but then Photograph came out andâ?¦ ugh. Song: The same crap they always put outâ?¦. Almost positive itâ??s the same instrumental as at least three other of their songs. Vid: Somehow celebrity power made it seem ok. Or maybe it was the girls. Oasis â?? Wonderwall Why: I seriously had to look on azlyrics just to remember a band beginning with â??oâ?? and they were first to pop up. Song: Iâ??ve always liked this, very memorable soft song with cool lyrics. Vid: just kinda weird really. Pantera â?? Walk Why: Well Dimebag died on December 8th and I live in dallas. Song: actually one of the reasons I use to hate this band. Now I can appreciate the groove though. Vocals are empowering if the lyrics are a bit hardheaded. Solo is also nice. Still not in love with the angry mentality though. Queen â?? Bohemian Rhapsody Why: Yet again an obvious choice only found through azlyrics database. Hey câ??mon Q is a random letter. Song: Freddy Mercury is amazing and itâ??s one of those depressing songs lyrically but people donâ??t think about it cause it is so well-known and accessible. Favorite part is definitely where it picks up about four minutes in. Rolling Stones â?? Start Me Up Why: Cause theyâ??re the Rolling Stones Song: Eh. Never liked it that much. Jumpinâ?? Jack Flash is better. Vid: Theyâ??d be effeminate if they werenâ??t so God forsakenly ugly. Slayer â?? Raining Blood Why: I associate s with extreme things like sex and slaying so it was bound to happen Song: I still hate them a little for essentially jumpstarting non-melodic metal but like always the first to do it is nowhere near as bad as its imitators. Actually like the opening riff and breakdown. Thrice â?? Stare at the Sun Why: Enough people like this band and I have to hear them enough riding with my friend. Song: Not the greatest but a nice hard rock ballad. Like the instrumentals and vocals. Uncle Cracker â?? Drift Away Why: azlyrics once again Song: nice cover, I like the feel good music. Van Halen â?? Jump Why: EVH whether you like him or not (and aside from â??Aint Talkin Bout Loveâ?? I donâ??t really) is a guitar genius and true original. Way too low on Rolling Stoneâ??s top 100 guitarists list. Song: Synth pop keyboards and cheesy everything. Solos not even that good. Vid: A documentation of the epitome of just how gay glam metal could truly get at its height of popularity. I kept looking for when Alf was going to jump in on drums. Weezer â?? Buddy Holly Why: Once again, only one I recognized on azlyrics database Song: Love it, one of my absolute favorite songs. Perfect simple guitar and vocals. Vid: Happy Days indeed. God I love this song. Although I would kick Fonzieâ??s ass for stealing groupies. Xzibit â?? Concentrate Why: one of only 3 bands on Song: I like some rap but this is just awful. No musicality and the rhymes are as obvious and random as â??misheard lyricsâ?? videos. Vid: Remember that Van Halen vid I said was the height of gayness. This is the height of stupidity. No offense to Xzibit who actually seems cool in interviews and Pimp My Ride was nice but damn this song was bland. Yngwie Malmsteen â?? Evil Eye Why: Yngwie is widely considered one the greatest guitarists ever and even though I donâ??t like shred I can appreciate his talent Song: Though I must admit I canâ??t play like him I donâ??t know Iâ??d want to. Sounds like ego service. Also, I need vocals. ZZ Top â?? Legs Why: After being disappointed that Zebra Cult wasnâ??t a band once again azlyrics saved me. Song: Very boring Vid: I seriously got headaches from this montage.

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