Friday, February 22, 2013

God I hate the Grammys Dec 06, 2007 8:41PM PST

So I came up with my own awards: The band that could be amazing if they wrote a new song award goes to: Dragonforce. Seriously Herman Li, "Through The Fire and The Flames" was awesome but could you write a new riff? I know there's not a whole lot else besides soloing you can do at that speed but SOMETHING for God's sake. The let's not give him the Grammy just to screw with him and see what he does award goes to: Kanye West. Y'know as far as hiphop (which I usually can't tolerate) goes, I like Kanye's melodies and deeper-than-most lyrics. But he has GOT to learn why Grammy means nothing but popularity contest (actually he's pretty popular... why ISN'T he winning?). The his death day is coming up but will you all stop pretending you knew him award goes to: Dimebag. Seriously, may he RIP (as well as Kanye's mom speaing of) but how many posers are going to say "Brother Dime" like Aryan race activists just to prove they're metal between now and December 8th? For God's sake the majority on that bandwagon never saw a Pantera show. The band that's apparently already fallen off the face of the fad earth award goes to: Fallout Boy. I haven't even heard hate comments in their name for a while. Wait, they're going to come back now that I mentioned that aren't they? Damn. The band that needs to get the *&^$#@ back to Dallas award goes to: Children of Bodom. Alexi, get your ass down here and play a venue bigger than the Gipsy Tea Room so I have time to buy tickets. Mixing Mozart with metal is just too genius for me not to see. Also, play "Lil Bloodred Ridin Hood" The band I usually hate but actually made a song I like with decent guitar melodies goes to: My Chemical Romance and Bullet For My Valentine for "Famous Last Words" and "Hand of Blood". Hey, it's my choice what I do with my body damnit. And girls like this stuff so ... yeah... maybe I won't have to go to a concert with 70% man sweat to get music I like. The new Macarena award goes to: Soulja Boy for obvious reasons. It's not as lively as the previous song but it IS a dance that old white men will look retarded to at skating rinks for... until about 2012 according to the Mayans who also hated dorky old white men. The procrastination award goes to: me, for not getting started on AP English and finishing this blog later

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