Friday, February 22, 2013

After the third Time Warner employee Nov 13, 2007 4:39PM PST

it's up again. Yay. I am overjoyed. Overjoyed with glee.

So I was watching a video about Finland that called it land of ice and snow and I thought given how strong the Finnish metal scene is at the moment "The Immigrant's Song" by Led Zeppelin should totally become their national anthem.


Check out the pipes on this one!:

Ok, just so this doesn't become a "Nightwish" blog, why don't we dedicate it to the WHOLE Finnish metal scene?

Go check out what these guys, my favorite band in the Finnish metal scene Nightwish comes from say are the bands they recognize from the scene at about 2:22:

Also, from completely the other end of the vocal spectrum, have som Bodom tunes:

Note the Bodom bang: head goes left/right rather than just down. They look just as intense live too.

If you have the crappy connection I used to and can't see vid 2, look up Amorphis, Sonata Artica, Sentenced, Stratovarius, Synergy (because guy on left in vid 2 was lead guitarist and his ex-wife was lead vocals), Godsplague (which I heard of only today but guy on left in vid 2 does some guest guitar work on their new album), and look up Lordi for me who blew me away live and were my most enjoyable experience at Ozzfest.

Editor's note: Nightwish vid here is of old singer Tarja who has operatic style. To see Annete and new Nightwish with more straightforward rock vocals check out "Amaranth" or "Bye Bye Beautiful" on youtube.

Long live those Finns.

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