Friday, February 22, 2013

Ok nevermind Oct 30, 2007 2:12PM PST

actually Time Warner is an asshat. No working broadband as it turns out. Writing this from school. I did manage to pick up the latest from Bad Religion. Repetitive but catchy, great lyrics/vocal harmonies. Basically: good punk CD. I actually picked up the CD to sample it for my Audio Prod class, seeing as it had no Explicit Content label and would be acceptable cause of that. Then oh damn: I forgot their symbol was a sign for "no crosses" (think of "no parking" but more religiosly disturbing). Of course in reality I just put Children of Bodom in and only ripped non-explicit tracks w/o him being any the wiser, so this was no problem. It just leads into my friend's interesting idea: "just tell him the cross is supposed to be upside down when the slash goes through it, like they're actually saying down with the Anti-Christ... you'd have to sell it pretty hard though." Mike's a genius sometimes. Edit: To clarify, this isn't an anti-Christ band. Think along the lines of Gandhi's "I like your Christ but not your Christians".

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