Sunday, February 24, 2013

At college Aug 24, 2008 5:49PM PST

Yeah, it's pretty sweet. On the other hand, doing this last freakin' minute means I need to find my FAFSA pin, find a job to pay off loans, and find out about Teach grants (potentially a free ride? I'm intrigued) which I should have done a couple hrs ago in the finaid office when I was there (I'm stupid). On the bright side, we have a roommate that doesn't steal my shit or won't (which aside from screwing a girl in my bed is the only major problem I cared abolut going in) and hell, even offers me snacks. I brought my shitty begginer guitar so the Ibanez won't get stolen, and forgot my CDs at home which I'll just have my parents send over the long weekend. And the brightest side? My classes don't start until noon tommorrow, giving me plenty of time to visit finaid. In gaming news, I have to text them to say Sonic needs to go back to blockbuster. Edit: Found FAFSA pin (well had it texted to me), had first class, made bunk beds into seperate beds (rearranged room which wasn't hard since we didn't pack much), got lost on the way to an interview= paid gas money to rommate rather than found a way to make money, etc etc etc

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