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Community College is for IDIOTS Aug 21, 2008 10:55AM PST

Not really, by the way anyone new here or coming from Popular Blogs should note the title is purposely misleading and that if 1up decides to feature me on the main page that's their decision (not mine) and it's not my job to entertain you, or write with perfect punctuation, or even mention a game if I don'tfeel like it. Please shove all unnecessary negative feedback into your ass in a prompt fashion.

Anywhoo, these last few days have been fucking confusing from a financial standpoint. Literally a few minutes ago I finally accepted a loan awarded me through my email at Stephen F. Austin.

This is after yesterday and today my parents thinking community college was the only route because the biggest loan (about 11,000 something) was a "Parent Loan" and due to the fact my mom's retirement fund being depleted and an organization called NACA is the only reason I live in a house at present I'm sure they have bad credit and would be denied a bank loan.

However, I just got off the phone with their FINAID office and apparently all that would happen would be that once declined, we'd just get a different loan option and provided I still wasn't able to make it to this college it would be up to the lender (likely a bank) to decide if I would still owe that back should I drop classes.

Where the hell FAFSA got the idea my parents had enough of an income for a bank to grant a loan that large I have no idea, but it looks like I could go after all.

Of course there were pros to community college like getting to keep my guitar and easy guaranteed work, but keep in mind thanks to my mom's sugarcoating the situation I thought college was a done deal long before now, which is 5 days before classes start... yeah. You'll forgive me if I wasn't thinking as hard about pros and cons of community vs 4-year.

About how I'm going to pay this back: I recently had to leave a message at company Etech (subdivision of AT&T) that I wouldn't be able to make training due to classes running until 4pm for me. I'm really hoping they can work with me as these are the people who reimburse your tuition. I'd be more than happy to work at a restaurant again, as I think I've finally figured out what I'm doing to get tips, but I'd prefer the Etech job to be available for sure, and hopefully I can work out a different schedule with them.

Also a problem: Because hours ago, community college seemed like the only way, I decided to leave the car with my mom at school (middle school she teaches at) and thus can't exactly complete the rest of my college shopping very easily. We had a flat tire today too, so that was exciting.

In gaming news, Sonic Mega Collection is fun, but gets old faster than I expected thanks to no save features so I'm gonna go look up some cheats to fix the problem.

I'm actually still weighing community pros and cons cause if I did stay at home and do that I could keep this thing close:

 At college, dorm buds might get grabby hand syndrome so I'd bring my cheapass, brandless guitar instead (I'm not going to NOT bring a guitar)

Oh and I just remembered, I need to find out if the laptop I'm getting has the minimal specs they mentioned.

 OOOooooooh, fuck this last minute weekend.

Edit: The hell is my video not available? It's under ten minutes!

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