Friday, February 22, 2013

Because last blog went nowhere Aug 14, 2007 2:45AM PST

which I'm not sure I ever expected it would. See I would've liked someone to chime in with thoughts of how racist RE5 was, but I forgot the good sense of most of my readers. Which is a great thing, don't get me wrong but controversy is only fun when it's controversial. Which brings me to 1upper Freshco11's page. For those of you not familiar with "Freshy" as Twin36 calls him, he has a blog up for the almost sole purpose of preaching Christ's word. Now in normal circumstances I'd have no issue (but therefore no interest really and that would suck) with such a blogspace. But it's the zealotry with which he talks which just makes him so damn entertaining. I thought of one qoute by Bill Maher, "I love how Rosie O'Donnel and some other nutjobs compare our religious zealots to Isreali zealots. Their zealots will have your head on a stick if you see a woman's nose. Ours are just funny!" That's pretty much how I feel about Freshy: while others I think are actually a bit angry with him (I was at first, before I started looking forward to his blogs) I just find him incredibly entertaining. Not when we agree (which is usually only when he says something no one actually disagrees with like "Love is good") but when that happens he's a genuinely nice guy, and I can be quite fond of him at times. Anyway that I used a Maher quote is fitting because a while ago some network execs wanted the guy hushed but conservative radio hosts like Limbaugh actually made it known they liked the guy around. Someone named aetheism_rawks is trying to shut Freshy down for spam in a gay-oriented club. Now as A-R tells it Freshy should def not be allowed to visit that club any more but the way AR is spamming him is annoying and I for one would rather have an entertaining but somewhat disturbed One Man Christian Army than no such person to rarely agree with or have fun disagreeing with. Of course the Maher comparison kind of ends when Maher makes factual errors (he owned up to a joke about Democrats freeing the slaves right away when a woman in the crowd called him on it: "you have found the one factual error in my show.. but it was just so funny!") and admits his mistakes. Frescho's quite a bit certain of his opinion... which is so damn entertaining imo. Look it may sound sick that I want a blogger around for the pure purpose of my entertainment but damnit that's what makes Freedom of Speech great! In other news I've gotten in a bit of an argument with FF_killa about whether or not the Harry Potter series is "epic". Now by definition, Harry Potter is the prime example of an epic: "an extended narrative about a legendary hero and a story of good and evil" may as well be on the back of every book jacket of the series. I actually do get what Killa's saying about LotR being a bit more epic but Star Wars I think he's relying too much on the fanbase: I, in all honesty do not find that the 6 movies come close to the scale of Potter's 7 books for me. Yes I know there are countless SW spinoffs but in terms of the main 6 I just feel Potter has a much richer story for me. Begin flaming that you all know can only be respectable if it defends IV-VI (and I think those are overrated... see how much fun I'll have with this? ;)! See my problem is a lot of what he's saying about SW and LotR's epicness revolves around fanbase. There's a religion for SW a language for LotR etc. but I for one think that's a bit too limiting: there shouldn't be a requirement for epics to have fanbases with no life. Can't we read the tomes but still live our lives and be able to call our fantasy of choice epic? LotR is pretty much the fantasy epic (with that many characters it's pretty much the damn nerd bible) but I see no reason Potter can't join it and Star Wars in the "epic" colosseum (again, if not only because the definition might as well have Potter's picture next to it)

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