Friday, February 22, 2013

Best way to deal with trolls Oct 27, 2006 3:34PM PST

s to not deal with 'em. Nuff said(this sentence has nothing to do with the following blog, the troll comment's in the last blog if your interested) My feelings on emo(s): Some of them really are just pricks that do terrible things and excuse it with "I'm suicidal, now you HAVE to feel bad for me". I hate those bastards. However, the whole emo bashing thing has still got to stop because it's starting to become based on how people look/what music they like. If some guy wants to wear emo hair and girly pants, gay as it looks, I don't know him and I won't judge until I do. Hell, I've actually met a couple emo looking kids on airline flights that like metal, enjoy videogames, and are entirely sane and well-balanced people... they just dress queer. Case in Point: I refuse to judge based on looks. As for what music emos like, psssht. I'm a metalhead, you think I don't know what it's like to get judged before I even say something else about myself? "Oh, so you like angry music right? What makes you so angry"? I don't like it cause it's angry, I like it cause it's one of the most passionately composed forms of music with an emphasis on advanced musical knowledge, a celebration of difference, and the musical equivalent of Red Bull. I'm happy, metal makes me happy.... nope, not angry. Likewise an emo probably hears "Oh so you like, cut yourself and stuff"? And there's gotta be a few that would say nope, just enjoy a catchy riff or lyric. Pretty much content with life. To recap: Don't judge anyone based on appearance or what kind of music they like. Judge based on personality. If that personality is spoiled, whiny, and hateful kick person in crotch. But at least know what their personality is like before doing so. And no, there's no way you can know that cause someone wears girl pants and black rimmed glasses. And just for the record that was actually a vision impaired Van Halen fan. Look on the inside, not in the mirror. - Joay

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