Friday, February 22, 2013

Cracking down on defalts Oct 26, 2006 4:40PM PST

First,responses from last blog: Strength- I don't consider St. Anger quite as bad as most do but yeah..... ouch. Deth's definitely been more consistent thePhildown- 6-7 HOURS of getting paid to screw off? Until I get that job I hate you a little. When I do get that job let's play darts with pointy peanut shells! You can compare apples and oranges :) Back to regular programming: I used to be really lenient with my no default invite policy, telling noobs just don't do it again but I'll add them anyway. But really, just say SOMETHING. Hell, I just added a guy that only said "please add me". That's all I need! So now I'm actually enforcing this policy(makes it sound way more important than it is lol) so you can stuff your popularity contest up your myspace. OOOH IN YOUR FACEBOOK NOOBS!!! In other news I picked up Victoria's Secret cologne, Trivium and Pantera CDs while shopping with friend Veronica. Cologne- you know those Tag commercials? It actually does that! Trivium(The Crusade) - going between fast and melodic, the album's not perfect but amazing to me nonetheless. I love anthemic songs like "We Are The Fire". I'm planning on doing a more in-depth review sometime in the near future. Pantera(Greatest Hits)- Phil Anselmo's voice still annoys me sometimes, but at least on Cemetery Gates and Cowboys From Hell he does some good. Still, I like being able to hear words clearly and screaming can muddle a song up a little. But really it's all about Dimebag and his catchy riffs on "Walk", "Five Minutes Alone", "I'm Broken", "Cowboys from Hell" and "Where You Come From". His solos are of course great too, but sometimes come kind of from out of nowhere("Walk"). Nonetheless he's still one of the most original guitarists using every pedal and trick at his disposal. Vinnie Paul and Rex do an excellent job at rythym section, so really my only complaint is Phil(almost makes me forget when I used to hate this band.... made certain people act like 'tards). All in all it's a great way to show people why "RIP Dimebag" is in the footnotes of almost every newly released metal record. Oh yeah, if you see a dent in the Stanley Cup, Phil did that :) True story. GO DALLAS!

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