Friday, February 22, 2013

Bipartisanship can be a bitch Jul 31, 2007 12:05AM PST

so why try? (Unless you're libertarian like myself... too bad what I really want would count as a throwaway vote *sigh*)

Anyway after staying up some ungodly hours 1) because I get off work so late and 2) I'm slowly but surely reading You-Know-What, I was up til about 5 when Meet the Press came on. Not a normal viewer I was really just waiting for Daily Buzz to come on, but something that's been bugging me a while came to the forefront of my mind while watching.

This episode (like probably many) was about an Obama-Hilary bitchfest and I had to wonder about the setup in which these reporters or what have you were analyzing the proceedings: clip of Obama "I don't want Bush/Cheney Lite" then Clinton rebuts and then back to you guys for post-game covera.... wait, why does my future look like the fucking afterthoughts to an American sports pastime? Why does this all look like a middle school-esque game of "best burn gets the most points"? Most importantly of all when are members of either party planning on giving me specifics beyond "free health care would be nice" (well no shit Sherlock but an idiot could sense the unintended consequences from miles away unless you wanna tell me exactly how to do that)?

Here are some of my views on the news that is most affecting Americans at the moment:

Paris Hilton's show's cancellation~ Wow, K-Fed looks kinda responsible by comparison!

Lindsay Lohan~ Wow, K-Fed looks kinda responsible by comparison!

Britney Spears~ Wow, K-Fed looks kind of responsible by comparison!

Voting Americans~ Wow, K-Fed looks kind of responsible by comparison!

And so we all have fun, here's a song I'd dedicate to said pop princesses if I ever do get a gig:

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