Friday, February 22, 2013

Borat, PS3 n Wii, and that rivalry I'm supposed to be blogging about Nov 04, 2006 3:32PM PST

In some sad news today I was unable to take my friend Veronica to see Borat because New Yorkers and Los Angeles dwellers are greedy hairy foreign men hogs. So we went to see Flushed Away instead. Obviously it has potty humor, but she liked the cuteness of the slugs(you read that right) so we're both happy. There are plenty better Pixar/Dreamworks type films out there though, just so y'know. In other news, Shane Bettenhausen recently revealed that the PS3 debug kits EGM gets for its offices are 17 lbs. God has yet to reveal to us how many pounds of the launch systems will be defective. As for the Wii it's as slim as ever, and should soon be at demo kiosks so we can try out this "new-gen" for ourselves. One problem: Wii-osks in Japan just show the Wii and don't let you actually play the thing. This is part of Nintendo's "Operation: Blow it Again" plan, which they are doing as an ode to John Kerry. Hopefully we eventually get to PLAY the kiosks(and have a President who can be persistent about things that actually work AND make up his damn mind) I fully plan on continuing my Metallica v Megadeth blogs except for one little setback... I don't have all the Megadeth albums I need. Little embarassing. So I'll be deciding whether Peace Sells(Deth) or Ride The Lightning(Tallica) wins round 2, and I'll just let you all know right now that in Round 3 Master of Puppets(Tallica) will pwn the living hell out of So Far So Good So What?(Deth) so be expecting more just history in that blog, cause there's not much of a fight. Oh yeah, and we got the PS2 fixed so I will finally be able to play Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, Guitar Hero, Pschyconauts etc. Oh happy day. ~ Joay

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