Friday, February 22, 2013

My thoughts on Texan things Nov 07, 2006 6:53PM PST

Gun Control~ should be kept the hell away from anyone with felonies on their record. I still don't condone murder in any form(nope, war either) but for every one else, pulling a gun out first is great leverage against people trying to kill you. You don't even have to use it, it just lets em know who isn't stealing YOUR wallett today. Rosie O' Donnel is a hypocrite. Whether there's bodyguards attached to 'em or not, your using guns to defend you dumbass. Pretty much giving you NO right to complain about others doing the same thing. Death Penalty~ There is literally no evidence to support its aid in decreasing crime in states. There IS evidence to support it creates a hell of a lot more crime in states that have it. It's also much more costly than life imprisonment ultimately meaning: Death Penalty= increases crime, hurts your wallett, probably gives the criminal less than deserved. Televangelists~ Listen to Metallica's "Leper Messiah"(even though I claimed it was the weak song of Master of Puppets in my review while back). Basically my opinion of Bible-thumping money leeches and the idiots that let them do it. Pantera~ Actual band: Rex Brown: for whatever reason I have trouble hearing bass lines so I dunno. Well actually I can hear them on Live 101 Proof and they're pretty damn sweet, but on studio albums idk. Dimebag Darrel Abbot: So many good riffs. Solos are sometimes disjointed a bit, but in some cases that actually increases the awesome qoutient. Vinnie Paul Abbot: You can't deny the drumset mastery on 101 Live Proof. Sometimes more laid back than other thrashers but always sweet! Fire Sticks FTW! Phil Anselmo: Amazing vocals on Cemetery Gates, but sometimes literally sounds like a dying cat. Band Personalities: Dimebag: the fun drunk Rex: the quiet one Vinnie: the leader Phil: according to "Vh1: Behind the Music" interviews I've just seem of him. Arrogant @!#$*(^ Dallas Cowboys~ Tony Romo FINALLY put in(and not too shabby). TO(reciever) and Vanderjack(sp?, kicker) way ovverrated. Dallas Mavericks~ bad start. At least we've been to the championship though(*cough* elbowedbyShaqunfairrefs*cough*). Mark Cuban(owner) still interesting, but needs to calm down. Gubernatorial elections~ 2/3 of us are just trying to get rid of current idiot officeholder Rick Perry. Due to the number of canditates, if 1/3 of the public votes for him, he stays. God Bless America? UPDATE/EDIT: Perry is governeor again. Damn. Can't wait until November 2008 when I can vote for Prez. My hopes: Obama(D) vs Juliani(R). Two GOOD choices. Please? Bowling for Soup~ Comedic pop-punk band also from Dallas. For some of you, they may be too upbeat(sourpusses) but to me their still funny/catchy. Don't judge, I grew up with this music. And Band #2 I can be proud is from Dallas! Holy Crap some of my two favorite genres' bands are from here. I'm starting to like this city now... kinda.

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