Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bound to repeat it Sep 22, 2008 3:28PM PST

Just got done with my history exam 5 hours ago. Very unsure. Know a lot of names and important events, couldn't remember exact dates; essay is totally up in the air: wealth of accurate info, but is it the info she wanted? Followed prompts but still not sure. Listening to Death Magnetic still. Know you're history so you can somewhat repeat it 20 years later. Wondering if what Megadeth does with Broderick can create a resurgence in popularity like it did mid-90s... which is also when Metallica's popularity surged (not for hardcore fans, more the general public). Want to see them come out on top just once in the rivalry (sales-wise, as well as quality). I love the Red Sox. Psychology test tomorrow. Should be super easy, all multiple choice and I actually like learning the subject. Hypothalamus pedals... hidden beneath the wah. If you followed all of that, you know my blog history well. "Goliath" is the most awesome song at the moment, "Cyanide" one of my favorites after iffy live performance. Too many bands sound like Nickelback. Weren't that great in the first place. Experimenting even a little musically makes things hard on you. 15 year old girls and adolescents with the minds of 15 year old girls control our music. Sucks. I like girls who like Interpol. God is just something taught at an early age. Human beings can live and even prosper without it. The argument for God as a moral control is irrelevant given that its ideals are bent to the individual person's will. One human being to the next will not have the same concept of god and thus morality cannot be streamlined by use of the threat of an all-powerful force. The all-powerful force, under the conditions of invisibility in "faith", can transform itself to the individual's will even moreso than the individual can transform to please it. Thus morality must be based on human education to minimalize present suffering rather than ignorance to the afterlife influencing an attempt at gifts by what can be construed easily to be all means necessary. Trippy shit.

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