Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sick as a dog Sep 26, 2008 9:18PM PST

Well, just a really freakin' sore throat. Popped 4 Ibu Profen last night. Went to the on-campus nurse today and left a Wal Mart bag I had bought less than an hour before in the lobby on accident.... so dumb. $15 down the drain or maybe I get it back but being a college campus I doubt it periods and proper capitalization will not be in effect from this point on cause i held the shift key down and filter keys dont respond to the word cancel responses from last time smashbro : history"s a cool subject i just wasnt so sure how i did on the test> i did get ninety two on psychology and eighty eight on film history glassadam: no i"d say now that its on the net my god views are everyones business lol i want the bible before the catholic church edited it that thing would be more violent and sexually charged than all of our worst torture porn films lol breakfast pills: i uh forgot what you said ill respond again later the important thing is ill blog once the filter keys shut off< stay tuned travdor: Yeah, I actually liked Nickelback in 5th grade too lol. History exam I might not have done so bad on, I think grades will be posted soon so I'll see. breakfast pills: Memory is so useless.... lol. Not really. Blog Time For Fear Of Fire (original lyrics idea) For Fear of Fire will the ignorant march on The threats of a myth make the battle carry on Superior beliefs of an acient text Jump in the landmine, we'll see who's next I'll kill you to defend the man who died for me While completely negating every one of his beliefs Pre Choru I've got my rifle and I've got my gun Here's my idolatry: the nation that I won By doing nothing, but criticize the queries of the ugly men who's thoughts I found eerie Chorus And For Fear of Fire May this battle carry on The angels will sing for the blood that you lost Fuck all comparisons, for my way is the best A helping of virgins yeah fuck all the rest A place atop a cloud to lay my self to bed A way to reach the inner spirit so I detest Any and all who say consider the rest Verse For Fear of Fire Will the wealthy carry on Cast out a caste for the poor man seein' dawn Superior beliefs of the chosen ones No hard work or conviction's gonna save you son I sit atop this pedestal for righteous conception So may all your woes be my discretion Pre Chorus Chorus More to come? I dunno, spur of the moment stuff, can't tell. Anywhoo, I got nothing and my throat is telling me to fuck off and go to bed. See you tomorrow.

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