Friday, February 22, 2013

Controversial statements Apr 18, 2007 5:20PM PST

First, responses: incrediblebrendan~ Wat the HELL?! LOL glassadam~ You should have riff~ By the way, ib, was Brotherhood of the Wolf(thanx for suggestion riff) that other French movie you were goin to say? On to my statements: EDIT: Remember some of these are just jokes. I'm not actually moving to Canada, The Don't Vote Just Die thing isn't real and I don't find IQ tests reliable either but it's just an exaggeration that Manson's intelligent. Disclaimer! Mixed in are joke statements and serious ones. No I'm not going to tell you which are which, I'm simply not going to take responsibility for anything that may offend you. If we can't learn from Columbine that the problem in VT is NOT videogames we do not deserve to live~ STOP taking the easy route and figure out the real problem: fucked up kids and improper gun regulations. People this is eerily similar to the Columbine shootings and we still haven't learned a damn thing. I urge you to watch Bowling for Columbine because sadly it's still relevant long after we should have learned our lesson. MLK was great, Malcolm X did jack shit but make things worse~ I'm sorry but it's just true. Where MLK actually was interested in uniting everyone and I especially admire him for doing so peacefully, all Malcolm X did was say "fuck whitey" and whitey said fuck you back. How the hell that was supposed to solve anything I have no idea. As for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton I don't quite think they're totally anti-white, but they're not really helping as much as they think by making white people interview them every time they say something stupid or wrong. So they're no Malcolm X but they're no MLK either. They're kind of just there as part of the media. The Don't Vote Just Die Act~ I decree that instead of "Vote or Die", the disturbingly non-effective celebrity-endorsed movement to try and get younger people voting, we should just stop letting seniors vote. Think about it: marijuana'd be legalized, the elderly wouldn't be allowed to operate heavy machinery or automobiles resulting in almost certain death of pedestrians, and McGyver would no longer be voted sexiest man alive by the U.S. population leaving me to take all the glory(gotten sick of second place). P. Diddy might not be able to get frat boys off their ass but I believe in the American public's ability to convince their elders that decisions made by younger people will not affect their Bingo sessions. We just need to remember to legalize marijuana only AFTER we know we've succeeded. We don't want to look like those idiots at Vote or Die when those high fratboys forgot what day was the ejection....into space. God that was sad. Where the HELL are the ratings on books? Seriously, let's take a look at Clockwork Orange. The movie was originally rated X for so much nudity and implied rape and graphic violence. Exorcist was banned(as was Clockwork) in some areas. But their book counterparts? Nothing. No rating. And Clockwork's even worse in book form. Movie: Alex takes two 18+ girls to his room for consentual adult sex. Book: 15 year old Alex masturbates in front of, then rapes two 10 year old girls in his room. But how dare I slam books for not having rating systems when GTA degrades our youth and our nation's children learn literacy from books? Well, dumbasses, junior can read his Harry Potters because when lil Jimmy goes pscyhco and wants to start raping people "like he read in the book" I'M NOT GOING TO CARE WHETHER HE WAS ABLE TO FUCKING READ!(assuming media actually affects this sort of behavior which I dought. Lil Jimmy more likely had other problems) Marylin Manson is smarter than you~ Ok that's no real controversy, his IQ is 185 so your just going to have to learn to accept that one. I don't even own one of his albums so yes, that was a very random statement... and my apologies to MENSA members Dynamite Hack's version of "Boyz in da Hood" beats the hell outta the original~ I'm just saying, Eazy E doesn't even rap his own song with some friggin' melody Rock lovers need to admit that the "rap is only about drugs sex and violence" is hilariously hypocritical considering rock's history~ And there's meaningful rap like in FF_Killa's previous blog with Immortal Technique. Then again, Keith Richards never shot anyone, he just snorted them...... I wonder if heroin is just ancient blood from evil Unicorns. Snuggle Bear is racist~ Someone find me that vid where he kicks the porcupine like a little ninny pooh. Friggin' evil bear. War is not the answer~ Moving to Canada is..... thank you Bowling For Columbine and I'm off. Yeah whatever call me a pussy America, I'll be too high to care what you think. Freedom baby!

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