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Cruefest II Short Review Aug 09, 2009 3:42PM PST

Went with my friend Faith to the Dallas show last Saturday for free. Not with free tickets, but someone she knows from church who's with LiveNation and works the beer stand got us in for the price of about an hour making nacho plates, not knowing why (we both thought he meant "for free" as in tix) and feeling in the way (which we probably were... those ladies know how to stand those nachos up quick!). Not a bad deal imo. Half assed charity work > actually paying.

Charm City Devils

Good ol' classice rock n' roll ... including the brainless arena rock lyrics. None the less, the music itself was actually fun and the band was pretty damn good for an opener.

Drowning Pool

Really deserved to be on where Theory of a Deadman's spot was.... anyway, great as always and "Bodies" never seems to get old; only complaint is with the sound: instruments were too low in the mix.

Theory of a Deadman

I've had it about up to here with bands that sound like Nickelback, but the instrumental was surprisingly good and the songs were too. However, the vocals? Our theory (of a deadman... teehee) Chad Kroeger comes in the studio with a slightly different voice than he usually sings in and something like autotune does the rest, then this guy just gets sent on stage. Not being a music snob (just a big fan), I was able to enjoy them for what they were, but my friend was almost crying at his flat vocals. They played part of Sweet Home Alabama and she was terrified then relieved when he didn't sing it.


Surprising how good they were, I like them but I was not expecting a show this good. Their songs work very well live, vocals and instrumentals both pitch perfect like the recordings and a drum solo with bongos. They played a new song called "Whiskey Hangover" (or something similar), which was also surprisingly good and dedicated to Dimebag. Overall great set and better than I was expecting.

Motley Crue

Amazing set from a 30 year old band that still sounds at least very close to as good as records they put out 20 years ago. Celebrating Dr. Feel Good's 20th album, they played the entire album, complete with stage show involving giant wheelchairs, other hospital themed stage props, two go go dancers and fake chainsaws; a video also accompanied each song. The best part was the fact they played more than just the album. "Live Wire", "Shout at the Devil" etc did not dissapoint.



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