Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ch Ch Ch Changes! Nov 18, 2009 2:03PM PST

I'm loving how the new setup just shows blog updates, considering it's the only reason I ever came here in the first place. Now if only this had been implented oh say, two years ago I'd have more people to see this. Meh. Really the only thing I have to report videogames wise is that having recently become an RA I've noticed a group of people playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl 24/7 (quite literally on certain weeks). This is the second loudest of the groups in the lobby, being beaten only by the dominoes players that slam things down for no particular purpose. The newfound Modern Warfare 2 players are the third loudest group, and Halo 3 players are by far the least noisy (partly because they're the most tactical). Starfox 64 is played intermittently and Tekken 6 had a short turn on the lobby screen as well as Arkham Asylum a while back. Random fact: I'm recently listening to back catalogues of U2 and Judas Priest simultaneously, while reading the bible (and annotating it, seeing as I've read the majority of it before) and the Q'uran simultaneously. Random Fact #2: Most recently learned solos are from Crazy Train and Orion. Randome Fact #3: I've been less busy than at first recently due to dropping a Biology course (though my grade was steadily increasing, the lab prof cancelled tutoring early on so....) but still a bit busy so apologies for not commenting everyone.

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