Friday, February 22, 2013

Does this outfit make me look gay? Jan 15, 2007 6:42PM PST

I no longer need PoR advice as I've actually already beaten The Creature and am about to fight whatever boss is in Forgotten City. Anyway, just so this blog doesn't waste too much time: Response to halocheif_90 from last blog: yeah I hate multiple endings too. Can't I have a life and still just get rewarded for beating something, even if it is under 100%? It's all good though, the PoR bad ending isn't really the "ending" per se, so it's not like I feel cheated this time. In other news: I'm going to get called gay a LOT this week. It'll be fine by next week, but I agreed to join my friend Veronica to play tennis. Now tennis isn't as girly a sport as some others, I just have to remember to act like a more mentally stable version of John McEnroe to keep my dignity. It's not actually THAT girly if you dick around the whole time(which I will) but..... The thing is, it looks a little iffy when your playing tennis instead of Rugby, which you played last year. This decision has nothing to do with the sports themselves(I love rugby), but more the fact I'm out of shape. See being out of shape in tennis just means your a bit too slow, and you lose a couple matches till you hit the weights again(which I plan to). Being out of shape in Rugby on the other hand, means a bald 300+ pound guy you swear is thirty and everyone calls Mr. Clean(I'm not kidding, there was a serious resemblance) kills you and invites his redneck friends to throw beer at your coffin. Even worse: this decision was made in part thanks to a horoscope. It told me someone needed my help and for helping them I'd be greatly rewarded. So, being that in Texas everything was closed that day due to ice that never actually came, I call around for odd jobs to do out of boredom. And... Veronica wants me to join tennis. So, my plan: IF I do get called fruity for my sports choices, just comment on the latent homosexuality one could find in RUGBY to cover my ass. What I think my reward is: Hot girls play tennis right? Also, I do know tennis gets to miss a couple school days. What I'm really looking forward to tommorrow: Guitar Club. We each have to bring a song to learn. Perfect oppurtunity to use that 99$ G1X thing I bouhgt( I just need to set it to Cry baby wah... what Hammet uses for EVERYTHING... almost) Except we need to bring a song to learn so I'm thinking of what I know to bring. When I come Around is easy and my favorite song but there's a punk chick named Angela in there so I'd NEVVER hear the end of how Green Day isn't true punk(which they aren't but I REALLY REALLY don't care as much as she'll be nagging me) And we've already played the Master of Puppets 1st solo... so... anyone think I should just teach the Hangar 18 riffs? I don't know the solos, but the riffs are cool enough right? We'll see what happens. Now, to my English III AP corrections, then sleepy time. I WAY overate at the Macaroni Grill.

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