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Snow Day! And a random thought asterik style blog Jan 17, 2007 7:04PM PST

We got off unexpectedly today from school. (Today meaning January 17). We thought when we were supposedly going to get off of school Tuesday and didn't it was just the second time Texas newscasters called an ice storm that didn't happen. But today it did and the roads were too icy to go to school!........................ or anywhere else :( Oh well, at least I got sleep and some Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin time in. Should I fight the whip's memory now or hold off until I defeat Brauner? In other news: I spent a hell of a lot of money on that new guitar and G1X thing. Which is why the inevitable $50 about to leave my pocket for Zelda(Cube version) hurts so much. Should I wait for a price drop to at least $40 or does Nintendo plan on milking its last-gen system for all it's worth? Anyone see any GC Zelda deals let me know. Anyway my New EGM arrived today and here's what I've noticed: ~ The Mag in general *Still much prefer the redesign(sans ugly robot font cover) to the gloomy red and black of yesteryear. *I'm pretty sure I saw that pee to play thing in PS controller urinal form as opposed to this other guy's outhouse model. *They're still using that overly obnoxious jackass to respond to letters but at least he's managed to provide some chuckles when he's not trying to put people down(dude, you work for a game magazine, you trying to score on "dissafected loners" is just.... no) *Rumor Mill's a little late: Umm... yeah we know most PS3 "exclusives" are coming to 360 for financial reasons. Guess it's not their fault though, deadline comes before the mag gets here. *Man, next-gen games are getting some bad reviews. Not even Warioware or Lost Planet managed so much as Silvers. Interesting: the 8, 8, 10 scores for Hotel Dusk. Also, as I look at the screens for Phoenix Wright I'm intrigued by what looks like an interesting, wierd story. Oh, and MGS:Portable Ops is Game of the Month. *The end of the mag with Seanbaby, comics and Editors bitching at each other is still the best part by far. ~ The cover Story(2007 Best Year Ever) What I'm thinking: *PS3 has the most interesting exclusives like Lair, Heavenly Sword, Ninja Gaiden: Sigma, Devil May Cry 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4 but I'm not confident in how long they'll stay "exclusive"(especially not Sigma and MGS4). Still, it does look like a good place for Action-lovers like myself. *But I can't deny that Xbox 360 will have most of the games PS3 has as well as exclusives like Mass Effect, Bioshock, and Forza Motorsport. It looks like M$'s box has by far the most 3rd party support of any system this time around, and might even end up swallowing some really key PS3 exclusives. Assasin's Creed coming to 360 earlier last year was a huge deal for me, because that game just looks awesome and I know I'd buy the cheaper console to play. Heck, Burnout 5 being multiplatform helps 360 way more than it helps PS3 due to pricetags. *I want almost all the Wii exclusives like Smash Bros. MP3:Corruption Sonic and Super Mario Galaxy but... its lineup is looking very Gamecube with plenty of Nintendo sequels and rarely any multiplatform love. If I had to call an early winner I'd say 360. It's just got the most games by far, with or without rumored PS3 exclusives coming to it.

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