Friday, February 22, 2013

(Feelings on Blu-Ray)I am NOT going to try to find Cowboy Bebop AGAIN Sony! 07/07/06

Exibit A.Sony's Blu-Ray format for the people who can afford it... a state of tha art media. the BEST picture. the MOST memory. makes PS3's price make sense compared to standalone player. better than DVD in every way Exhibit B for poor HDTVless me.... A way for Sony to make more money while if it takes off I have to buy my DVD collection AGAIN! Plus wouldn't filmmakers have to pay Sony too? I'd be pissed. Don't buy Blu-Ray so we as a civilized people will not fall victim to the forcing of buying crap we already have! Boycott the system!( when it goes into full swing) Who's with me?! PS This boycott does not concern PS3, go ahead and buy that. BUT NO bLU-RAY FLICKS!

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