Friday, February 22, 2013

My online addiction..... (s) :( 07/06/06

Note: whether or not these sites were actually addictions is noted #1 addiction, no current use) kind of like myspace except ppl actually had to listen to wat the hell u sed. sumhow this site had LESS emo poetry despite being a blogsite hmm.... of course we all got myspaces but not after wat was back then a steep learning curve. i keep it only because some of my best lyrics are on there. #2 addiction, current use) you can comment everything and bulletins are good timewasters but lately i only use it for email making it boring until mica messages. oh yea and i met my ex-gf jenna over this. that was dumb, just fone convos. #3 addiction, current disgust) the site itself is actually quite handy for music news and tablature, plus forums are usually at least somewhat interesting. however its population of horny/angry/cocky/satanist 12 year olds and overzealous/self-righteous moderators who wouldn't even let me delete my account pissed me off to no end. i'm signed out and wen i sign back in i'll be fighting to get my own damn account deleted... is that even legal? #4 have an account but don't use it) no complaints here. at least thats wat i wld say if my dial-up connection didnt make anything over 30 seconds about a decade to load #5 escape, thank God for sane ppl) cool blogs, great ppl, videogames, polite conversation not found most elsewhere on the net and ill add: pretty well lit too(other site's black bkgs really make me feel low, they're so.... sad) Cheers to 1up who based on my score has starting working again.... and i thought i wouldve gotten way more points by now but still, cheers!

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