Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally. Jul 18, 2007 3:49AM PST

After 3 days and the vow I took the day I started about 10 chapters of the 30 at a time, I have actually finished Half Blood Prince which I bought over a year ago. Yes, 652 pages in less than (we're not talking 24 hour days just parts of them) 3 days. Matter of fact I read good portions of other books in the meantime including How to Read Literature Like A Professor, which surpriingly is not that bad (I wouldn't reccomend it unless you're into analogies though). And yet, no farther into The Sun Also Rises or Brideshead Revisited which I'm required to annotate. Why? Because I'd have finished both a while ago if I didn't have to underline things every damn time I opened them. More proof that required reading only sours people on the written word. Not to mention I'd want to read them if that stupid pen didn't make it into work. On top of that, I actually played Twilight Princess for a couple minutes this morning.... and remembered why I hadn't: that damn controller is still slow to respond to a forward push on the analog stick. And I'm not in a position to spend on things like game controllers at the mo... (there's an idea: "mow!" ... which I've had forever but everyone's already either called someone else or does it themselves. Stay on your asses I need the cashes!) *ahem* So anyway this is a "pat on the back for nothing/I've nothing else to do" blog. I'll get a real one up shortly

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