Friday, February 22, 2013

Fireworks Jul 04, 2007 8:39PM PST

have gotten old. Well standing a few hundred yards from them to hear a couple "booms" has anyway. Now when I was on vacation and we used to light our own that was cool but we went to watch some works tonight (I drove yet again so I wonder which trip I'll be on when I fill in that book that needs 30 trips to lower my insurance later on, more on that whenever) and it's like, they're just lights. I think the problem I have with city fireworks is they just lack the gimmicks of storebought crap. Snakes are cool to watch, Pops are fun to scare people with and I remember once I bought a pack of bottle rockets with little army men inside. And of course one year we had our own little show in Wisconsin (a country portion thereof) and my older brother bought some 100 missiles crap that shot off in insane directions and really made you fear for your life in the most satisfying way possible. Case in point: America wasn't founded on watching crap go boom from a distance, it was by immaturely handling Chinese gun powder that the people were excited by temporary lights in the sky. Go out and set off your own fireworks in the country like a man!

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