Friday, February 22, 2013

EGM Invoice Jul 03, 2007 1:44PM PST

Well I got my third (which is actually my second but it said third) invoice for payment to EGM today and there goes my technically free subscription (birthday gift). My dad will pay for the one's I've gotten while I mull it over if I want to pay 10$ more for some more issues or just start buying off newsstands again. I'm leaning towards newsstands in accordance with my lack of time to read EGM lately. On a brighter note I got yet another enrollment book from Boston College as well as a letter so it looks like they may want me enough that I'll have a chance at a scholarship. We shall see. .... And I mowed the lawn today and that's it. Going to haul some crap off the roof in a second. Still hoping I get accepted at Half Price Books or Gamestop so I don't have to work with food. Life is short, days are long, death taxes, etc.

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