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First Blog: All 3 Consoles 06/22/06

With the war on consoles drawing near, there have been a lot of blogs focusing in on one specific console. Why? Why not have an argument about all three. Playstation 3(The Republican Party, most members in Congress, most votes, and quickly having its approval rating go down) In my mind, if something supposedly costs $1000 to develop but you buy it for $600 it's a deal. In my mind, if Blu-Ray gives you so much more memory and detailed graphics then it must pwn HD-DVD completely and be worth it. In my mind, if Sony has "motion-sensitivity" Nintendo loses a lot of its edge. In my mind, I have an HDTV. In reality, I don't have the TV required to get the most out of HDTV-ready crap(or even cable), know that "motion-sensitivty" was only used for one PS3 game and didn't go over near as well as Nintendo's contraption, and even MGS4, mainly because it's a CGI and not a gameplay trailer(even if it was, honestly it wouldn't make me pay $600, and I LOVE MGS) ain't gonna make me pay Then again the first 5,000,000 WILL buy it because the first 5,000,000 never heard Sony's arrogant qoute and if they did they wouldn't care because let's face it Playstation owned everything else last time, that's why well-informed people will buy it as well. Most powerful console? Yes. Worth $600? Maybe, but I don't HAVE $600 is the problem.(and due to arrogance and the ability to get any team players it wants I have begun comparing to the Yankees. This rich kid persona is why I HATE the Yankees) Xbox 360(Liberatarian, playing it safe as the middle man amongst the graphics suits and the innovation hippies) EGM claims that users express dissapointment. I don't. At all. What I hear is "if it didn't have online, it wouldn't be worth it." Maybe EGM's just talking to poor Xbox Liveless people. I don't have much to say about this system except that Gears of War looks awesome and so did Fight Night on my rich friends HDTV. I would argue that it's better than the $600 option(and no, right now I don't buy that Sony will offer Xbox Live-style internet for free, they've lied too many times) but for me, the guy with no broadband and thinks Halo is boring(there I said it), it's not that appealing either. For every one else(majority of my friends included), it's apparently worth $400($300 version is just stupid) but unfortunately I don't see much appeal since internet gaming ain't happening for me anytime soon. This gets less attention than the other two consoles because well, you've either got one or you don't at this point. Nintendo Wii(Liberal, it lost last time and some of its ideals are still a little iffy, but it's pretty cool to hang out with) Virtual Console gives me stuff i missed years ago for $1-8 WITH graphical/glitch fixes and wirelessly once i buy a router? Cool. WiiConnect24 lets my system be online even when turned off? Sure, why not? I can conduct an orchestra and swing a bat and hold a light gun and swing a sword all with the same controller putting light-gun games, home-virtual sports items and any previous star wars game to shame? AWESOME! I get to look at my actions with.... Gamecube graphics? Not cool. However, with its used to be first and looking at a promising year thing going I have compared Nintendo to the Red Sox, with Babe Ruth= ditching Sony for Philips. I love the Sox. Just a thought come Advertisement time: "Wii are the Revolution". Pretty good, no? Joay



Posted: Jun 22, 2006 12:00AM PST by  Bankshot77
like how ya compared the game companies to political parties.

thumbs up.
  • lindalou
  • Well now

    Posted: Jun 25, 2006 12:00AM PST by  lindalou
    that is a lot to digest all at once!

    Good arguments about the game consoles. I'm going to wait to decide until I actually see the games available for them. That's how I've chosen in the past. Of course, I usually end up getting all the consoles...but with those prices...YIKES. It will have to be a decision making time. Maybe that is one of the reasons it is so expensive. You buy the Sony there is no way you are getting another console for a while!

    Keep up that good blogging!

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