Friday, February 22, 2013

Superman vs. Batman, Nacho Libre vs Click 06/26/06

Superman on Earth: most powerful superhero with plethora of crap the writers came up with over the years figuring "it's Superman, he wears the colors of the American flag to please Mccarthy-loving Patriots and he always win because damnit we made him look American. Wouldn't it suck to have to write for a creative superhero?" on Krypton: total pussy In the movies: we'll see... Batman on Earth: MADE HIMSELF A SUPERHERO. How awesome is that? Plus, with a lot of money, he's possible in reality in the movies: Batman Begins beat the living crap out of all superhero movies made so far(maybe even Superman) The Fight: Batman finds Splinter Cell-style ways to hide himself until its night until Superman finds him with X-ray vision but then Superman gets distracted by naked chick in apartment and Batman throws a bunch of Kryptonite he found with his supercomputer to defeat Superman. And by the way, what should I see first, Nacho Libre or Click?

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