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Freshco's message and my response May 25, 2008 10:51PM PST

Teh message:

bad religion

"And I would love to mate Jesus and the Easter Bunny so that their child could have Easter to himself. And we could stop having this damn "who's it really about" argument.

The bunny WOULD have to be crucified of course, but Santa will totally take care of the Ressurection with his magical time-warp powers so that he could like, go back and defribilate him all while the Latin community worships Mrs. Clause as their Jolly fat.... woman. Complete with decals and tattos of open-armed FatMan's wife holding cookies like child."

Luke 12: 8: And I say to you, everyone who confesses Me before men, the Son of Man will confess him also before the angels of God;

Luke 12: 9: but he who denies Me before men will be denied before the angels of God.

Its too bad you haven't learned anything from what I show people in my blogs, and what's with Online Rapists Scream? That's funny to you? Alot of women and girls today are terrified of real online stalking and are having to take it seriously and you encourage this too?

I've been blogging about how sick everyone is today. I guess you're also sick.

I would've thought you'd be one of those who has learned something in the recent past and would not be sick like everyone else who is sick today simply because you have known me for a little while and this means the kingdom of God has come near to you while it hasn't to many others I haven't met and talked to on this site.

Luke 10: 10: But whatever city you enter and they do not receive you, go out into its streets and say,

Luke 10: 11: Even the dust of your city which clings to our feet we wipe off in protest against you; yet be sure of this, that the kingdom of God has come near.

Teh response:

Bad Religion is a band that expresses disdain for the negative aspects of organized religion and how its message is distorted by international politics and greed, a disposition I can hardly refute given the church hierarchy's long history of mass genocide and hypocrisy.

One of the band members is actually a devout Christian who simply shares the same disposition as the Atheist lead singer (who is also a PhD and has taught life sciences classes at UCLA) for what I like to refer to as "political religion", or interpreting scriptures that to some are holy in a way that promotes war propaganda and subliminally encourages hatred between social classes.

I understand why you were startled by their symbol which stands for "no religion", and I definitely understand why you might interpret it as hate towards Christ but it simply represents the band's views that much of organized religion has been interpreted in a way obliquely detrimental to society.

As for my greeting joke, it's a sophomoric-humor stab at the commercialism surrounding religion. It appears blasphemous but I know in my heart that I am only blaspheming the irony in Jesus' modern commercialism and despite my Agnostic views still see Jesus as the ultimate role-model.

My current user name "Onlinerapists Scareme" was born of the fact I no longer wanted to give out my first name much for the same reasons many others don't wish to, and that includes my right to privacy and indeed my fear of some of the loonies out there on the net. It was a quickly thought of name that I've received little comment on until now and should it prove to offend in such a way as you've stated, I might opt for a less bold statement as a user name.

I'd like you to know that I know in my heart I am not an evil person in the least, and that I am indifferent to your deletion of me largely in part because some of your blogs and comments are hateful in a way I'm not sure you can see. Your hatred for the gay community and often more defensive and angered as opposed to loving advocacy of your religious views have always upset me, but I have always known you were simply trying to save yourself and others or at least that was your view of things; and despite my disagreements with your methods and teachings I know that like every other human being you want to be a good person deep inside.

We are all the same piece of shit in a different situation, products of our environment; that is my philosophy and it rings truer each time I think it. You have in this message responded to everything superficial regarding this account: my fake user name, the bold symbol of a band that I'm aware needs certain explanation, and a sophomoric joke in my greeting. I hope people are less prejudicial than to jump to anti-Christ conclusions about me based on these things, but I know me and I know I am not the "sick" person you described. I know that I am in many ways more a follower of Christ than most of his current church so hypocritically attests to be, and whatever afterlife or God I'm destined for I have no fear because I know I am a good person.

Now if Satan's in control, I'm fucked cause I'm kind of a nice guy and I hear he hates that :P.

I hope you find peace.

EDIT: Some revisions might be that 1) since God chose to give us free will and I think somewhere it's said that the devil wants more souls to keep the hellfire burning Satan just might be in control of earth.

Yeah.... never thought of it that way did you? You probably did.

2) Despite saying the church has a long history of social hatred and... well, you've read about the Crusades, I don't think all involved in organized religion are comparable to Hitler (and admit that the current pope wasn't actually a Nazi sympathizer... funny while I thought that though and his new "7 deadly sins" would pit the Catholic church in hell; hypocrisy!). I simply think that anyone who claims to have a deeper understanding of the all-powerful supernatural being than you is lying and the type of ego and power trip that comes from thinking you KNOW such things does not belong in the hands of humans.

3) I had a friend who said he wanted to go to hell when he died cause that's where all the fun people would go. I just thought I'd throw that in for kicks.

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