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Jagermeister Music Tour May 28, 2008 12:27AM PST

The Opening Bands

Negative 263~ I wasn't actually expecting this band to be there at all.

I hadn't heard anything about them and thought 3 Inches of Blood were the only opening band slated.

They only played three songs but I was pleasantly surprised by the awesome drummer,from what I could hear some good riffs (though somewhat generic, they definitely utilized what they had and worked really well) and the overall energy that was spearheaded by the leadsinger/frontman. The guy just never stopped moving or throwing water out in the audience.

I'd definitely like to see what they could do with more time. I'd post a video, but they don't have one yet, and I don't like to post live videos as examples unless professionally done. Thesound quality tends to be unfair to the band.

3 Inches of Blood~ TURN.... CAM'S.... MIC.... UP!!!! These guys put on such a ridiculously kickass show last time that it was dissapointing to see them run into the same technical difficulties that made the last show less awesome than it had every right to be (though still great) and this show a little embarassing if you hadn't already known the songs.

Even the rythym guitarist who now fills in for the "screamer" had a barely audible voice the whole time and once again, I was about 2 feet from the stage. Ironically, his guitar could be heard above all else, save perhaps for the drums.

The sad thing is, these guys are clearly awesome in every regard at what they do, the PA system simply never wants to be awesome for them. At least the crowd did want to be awesome for them, bursting into moshpits at just the right times.

Still, as a huge fan of what I know they're capable of, I urge you to buy one of their CD's or at least check them out:


Type O Negative~

I didn't know these guys were from Sweden. Interesting. Also interesting was watching the very tall lead singer come out in black preacher garments and pretend to read from a podium setlist.

These guys had one or two fast songs that created small circle pits to the left of me, but for the most part they took things at a much slower pace than most metal bands.

When the songs were meant to be sung to, as in the case of one very catchy tune that's chorus goes "loving you was like loving the dead", I had a great time with how well they brought pop elements in to their gothic set. When the slow stuff didn't work was when a bridge that sounded suspiciously similar to the one preceding carried on for far too long, leaving those who hadn't already heard the album versions with just slow-paced noise.

Of course, most in attendance had the good sense to know who this headlining bamd were before going and thus everyone I talked to seemed to really enjoy it... they also knew the words.

But I have to admit I had a really good time too thanks to the hilarious lead singer who constantly reminded the crowd that "if we suck, you already payed us so fuck you" and obligatory humorous responses to the crowd's chants of "you suck". Don't get this wrong though, it was mostly their die hard fans chanting that which insists to me they've always had a comical approach to what they do.

Well hell, just look at their videos:

They didn't play that one and it's a shame cause that's what made me excited to see them cause it sounds like some wierd mash-up of goth and 80s bands like Flock of Seagulls They did play slower stuff like this:

Hatebreed~ Like I didn't expect the first act, I also didn't expect for these closers to be taping a live DVD/CD and I certainly wasn't expecting to be standing few feet away from Pantera and Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul who was producing the project.

I had contemplated going into what I knew would be intense pits for this ludicrously aggressive band, but opted not to after having one guy tell me during Type O's set that he had cracked his ribs and gotten two black eyes at his last Hatebreed show. Therefore, my plan was to shove to the front quickly as possible in order to avoid the pit. Didn't work out so well because the minute the first song hit I was pushed back to the very edge of the circle pit and went far back for the rest of the night.

I got on camera directly facing me a couple of times, so I'm almost certain I'll be on the final product.

Now as much as their songs can become indiscernable sonic assaults at times, they are all sonic assaults which are bolstered ever so much by the greatly motivating lead singer who's theme was to not let the audience have their tragedies define them, push forward, and relieve life's problems through music.

Everthing the guy saod was just as cheesy and heartfelt as he pointed out, and it made for a very inspiring concert. Whether or not he's in my favorite metal band, he pretty much represented everything that made me like metal in the first place: community (he reminded everyone to pick up anyone that fell), and an absolute drive to move forward.

It made me realize the emotins that were going into his songs, and therefore made me a hell of a lot more appreciative of what 10 years ago I would have dismissed as "just ugly noise" which 10 years later I realize is beautiful in its own way because it gives its listeners one hell of an adrenaline rush and a sense of purpose:

The guy actually seemed very cool and approachable no matter how violent the pit he inspired. Like he said "a lot of you are covered in blood and sweat, but everyone leaves with a smile on their face and that's what makes it all worth it.

This may be the only band I've seen that went through 45 songs and had a circle pit consumingthe majority of space for the entirety of the set.

EDIT: Finally beat Twilight Princess!!!

And fuck was that ending dissapointing considering how long it took. I mean the horesback thing was cool but every other thing was throwback... very, very easy throwback.

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