Friday, February 22, 2013

Getting systems out early: A bad idea 07/05/06

If you look at 1up's News page today you'll find speculation that Wii will arrive in September before Playstation 3. In theory this would give Wii a jump start in sales before PS3's launch, but in my opinion coming early isn't the best marketing strategy. Back when Dreamcast came out only a few of my friends had it, and I didn't care. Why didn't I want this cutting edge system? Because the Playstation 2 was coming and my mainstream consumer idiocy(my subscription to EGM was a couple years later) had caused me to believe it would be 2 million times more powerful. Now this wan't me, a future-starved 10 year old believing what Sony said. It was me believing what everyone else said regardless of whether or not they heard about what Sony was doing. My point is coming out last allows Sony to be the main event. You buy your 360 cause you can't wait, your Wii because it sounds fun to use/Virtual Console, and then Sony gets to have it's way with the mainstream... because it's the last and most powerful console. I believe this takes hype away from Wii and makes Sony and Microsoft look like they don't wish to directly compete with Sony, so they must be scared right? All I'm saying is that PS3 will be the most powerful, and whoever has that much disposable income and is a gamer will probably be hyped for it around November more than Wii and 360 which have already come out. It makes the PS3 seem like the biggest hitter. So here's hoping if Wii is early it proves itself much more fun than what we're doing now before PS3's launch. Oh, and by tommorrow I'll have a review up. Tell me what you want to see or I'll just go with my idea of reviewing "the best metal album of all time". See if I agree or if I review YOUR SUGGESTION.

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