Friday, February 22, 2013

Ups and Downs(and nuetrals) of the Future 07/04/06

+ means positive - means negative = means neutral Wii: + Virtual Console, gotta luv the oldies and for $1-8 each(no, i don't have the tools needed to emulate) = WiiConnect 24, I still don't know how I'm going to use it + free-form gameplay, idk abt u but fighting and sports titles will be 20x more fune here in my opinion + nintendo exclusives, nuff said - washed up graphics =/+ free wirless play, if done right it's an automatic + but let's hope for no friend codes -/=/+ microtransactions, could be great or terrible or i might not use them 360: + Xbox Live + Xbox Live Arcade + the cheaper of the two better looking consoles -/=/+ microtransactions, see Wii - less powerful than PS3 - i don't like FPSs or Western RPGs overly much and i hear it's overloaded with them in comparison to other games, however + things like Assasin's Creed that don't remain Sony exclusives say something for 360 PS3: + most bang for your buck - that's a lot of buck + metal gear solid 4, heavenly sword - not much else i care about - third-party support already being lost to 360 - no rumble, viewing warhawk demo on youtube after watching Nintendo E3 press conference makes sony's "motion sensitivity" look a lot less fun. + Playstation's past(apologies but it's true, that's wat sparks most of the interest) =/+ free xbox live-like service, if it has it that'll be great but i'm extremely skeptic DS: + games that actually help you become smarter + original games + huge franchises like Castlevania, Star Fox, and Mario + lots of 3rd party support - racing games suck - dated graphics PSP: + still looks a bit sexier, even than ds lite(though black ds lites might change this) + movies, music, AND games - none have been handled too well + awesome racing games - unless you want this for convenience/travel purposes PS2 does the same games but way better. Your take?

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