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Gigantour in Grand Prairie, Nokia Theater Apr 16, 2008 2:30PM PST

felt smaller than I was expecting (my mom overhyped the venue before I went in though, I think after a certain age the word "HUGE!!" is attributed to anything outside the house and fairly large) but was still amazing, surprisingly not at all because my favorite band was there.


High on Fire: missed them by a mile

Job For A Cowboy: In retrospect I'm pissed I didn't grab some nachos while this generic American death metal crap was playing.


Buy this album so they can headline a tour!

How can your favorite band disappoint you because they're your favorite band? Not having as much set time as you thought! I thought they were opening for Megadeth, but rather they were opening for the opener for Megadeth.

This seemed to urge them toward promoting mostly the new stuff, playing only a handful of anything before Are You Dead Yet? (2005) and playing NOTHING of their Freshman effort Something Wild (1997). Plus, having watched their live concert DVD a thousand times over on youtube made the similar shtick a bit noticeable. Keyboardist Janne's playing jazz keyboard bits is a nice touch but not totally hilarious.

Still, they had the best acoustics of all the bands, and they nailed everyone of their solos with clear precision where other bands had some minor screw ups or sound problems. Which is even more impressive because the keyboardist was drinking the vast majority of the time (more than usual even), and lead guitarist/vocalist Alexi Laiho is incredibly limber making for some cool movements live.

But while I prefer their older albums, they're new stuff is still great in its own way and minor disappointment wasn't stopping me from dropping 50$ on a blooddrunk t(35) and album(15) when I know I could of gotten it for cheaper had I waited.

In Flames

Fortunately, the slight disappointment I felt from Bodom (who I WILL see headline and I WILL be in the pit for it damnit) only led to my realization of how effing good the next band was live.

Providing a not-so-hardcore brand of metal with truly melodic vocals and more directly introspective lyrics, these Swedes impressed the hell out of me with how emotionally theraputic their song were despite the fact I knew like two of them which I don't remember being played. I think Cloud Connected was my favorite.

On top of that they had the most well choreographed light show which added a crapload to the ambiance and their lead singer said the darndest things, which while not "uproariously funny" (see last blog on why I wouldn't mislead you like that) were at least endearing. It might have also had something to do with the fact he sounded a sight like Russian comedian Yakiv Smirnov, but lines like "... or you can download the album, as long as you're here right? But please buy it, I can afford a car and a Dr. Pepper that way" are just funny when he says them.

Definitely going to get that Dr. Pepper money his way, amazing set.

Megadeth - United Abominations

When front man Dave Mustaine tells the audience he doesn't talk much "because it's a waste of your fucking time right?" he's not lying. The man had little to say and a lot to play and like the guy behind me yelled that's fine by me.

I swear they played about 25+ songs in a set list that seemed specifically catered to me somehow including two that got me through very bad times "Tornado of Souls" and "In My Darkest Hour". Hearing those lyrics, which I had thought only I related to, sung perfectly on cue by the many in attendance is pretty much the reason I like metal concerts. That many people who can relate in one place singing with you is borderline orgasmic.

Too bad I couldn't hear Dave's voice too clearly mos of the time and the guitars were occasionally too loud for the amazing solo's own good, distorting the sound a bit too heavily. Regardless, their playing rarely stopped and Dave mentioned that his sister, "a mistake was born right here in Dallas!".

Also noteworthy was that they had the brightest set of lights of all the bands.

I'll have my own pictures up soon, but until next time you've been great, I've not been Megadeth.

Editor's Notes:

I'm very aware of my typos and occasionally bad grammar, it was written in 30 minutes and I don't feel like editing just yet.

Videos do not necessarily correlate with albums or songs I'm talking about, but are simply the only one's I have found on youtube of the event as it appeared last night (uploaded by mav5150).

I know I said I'd do more on the movie Sideways last time but in a nutshell I feel like I pretty much covered my feelings on it. Tell me if you want a more in-depth review in a later blog.

Almost forgot to mention the videogame!

Megadeth did play "Gears of War", which gives this blog my mandatory quota for at least one videogame related thing.

He introduced it by saying "this is a song about cutting people in half with chainsaws then bashing their heads in with sledgehammers".

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