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Death (and taxes),Sideways, and Why I Would Bone Tina Fey Apr 14, 2008 2:21PM PST

Tina Fey, did you just call Paris Hilton a piece of shit? And relay the same problem I have with many of the people around me? "So dumb... and so proud of it"

I love you Tina Fey. You're not just smart and sexy. You hit on both all at once, personality-wise AND you look good.

Creepy? Oh hell yes, but Seth Myers apparently more so...


I was very surprised that I actually laughed at this movie. Why? Because the last Oscar winning movie that was supposed to be "uproariously funny" and with that plug, Peter Travers left me disappointed by what would have been an excellent drama in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I see the excellent acting and original concept Travers, I'll even give you a few laughs. But what were you smoking that made it uproariously funny?

Sideways almost seemed like it would be the same disappointment, starting out with the recently broken up depressed guy that seems to have become a template for some of these indie movies. But once again, one of my favorite actors Paul Giamatti (whose role in Cinderella Man is AWESOME) managed to pull it off.

Now there's also the template "endearing mysogonist/player asshole we should all find endearing" played by Thomas Haden Church, but even with all these unoriginal concepts coming at you the movie manages to be funny and full of heart.

(More to come, need to go)

Ok there's not much about death except the fact that I'm going to see a bunch of bands associated with that theme tommorrow including Job For A Cowboy (boring death metal, bathroom break methinks), High on Fire (haven't heard much from), In Flames (not-at-all-hardcore melodic... sorta metal. I like it), Megadeth (thrash;see: any youtube video or article about Metallica's comments, show closer) and

CHILDREN OF BODOM! My favorite band in the "so out there it may not really exist" genre of neoclassical melodic death metal, whose new DEATH metal album hits tomorrow on...


TAX DAY! Clever isn't it? ;P

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