Friday, February 22, 2013

Hectic life; desire to see Shoot em Up, require to see Sin City Sep 09, 2007 1:14AM PST

damn school and work. So the Take Away cash droor seems to mysteriously be way the hell under whenever I close. Last time it was 20 some odd bucks and we each paid $6. This time tho it was like $100 some odd bucks under. Now I was in the kitchen all night bagging food and only handled the cash for two orders; one that was too cheap to make impact anyway and the other a credit card order (doesn't involve me taking anything in/out). It was not my damn fault. Now, there was a trainee there though an he was in the front... just sayin'. Anyway the past week was hell for me. I sucked at basketball tryouts and may have pulled someting. I'm still proud of losing 20 pounds over summer but I guess being 150 lbs is still not basketball shape for me. It's not the end of the world and I'm not sure if I was ever attracted to the organized sport. I love pickup games and I'm a good shot but oh well. There's still.... wait, is there Rugby? I hope. I'll be in shape by THAT season. Then English had 3 assignments I just found out about the same day as this tryout which was also my first day of English. They were mostly easy questionnare's but still I don't like being blamed for procrastinating by not checking Webfine (where homework is often posted online... I changed the name btw it's nt actually called that) for a class that wasn't even added in the last time I checked it that I just had my first class for! Arrrgh! Pretty sure my annotations of Brideshead Revisited were lacking, my allusion research for page 109's Paschendaele reference (another assignment sprung up on me day 1) got what the author was trying to say with this reference wrong (but at least I found a good two page lyric sheet by Iron Maiden about the event; yes I'm serious). I said that since the soldier that died in the battle wasn't even brought up til' that page the author was commenting on society's apathy to the war outside. Then we get a lecture on how all our summer reading's writers were heavily trying to convey how they thought WWI was the worst of times. Damn! Also, I'm pretty sure in another assignment called a biopoem (it's basically "tell us about yourself in the following questions" but in unryhming stanzas) I got a quote totally wrong. For one of my fears I tried to say "living on my knees as opposed to dying on my feet." I think what I actually wrote may have been "dying on my knees as opposed to living on my feet." Ouch. Makes sense, but totally botches the purpose of the actual quote. And of course I write all homework that is on the board. Wel be fair she mentioned the quiz about literary terms the next class but as it was not there on the board (or on this damn Webfine thing) I was not prepared. High five for 4 bad assignments in my English class so far. On the first two damn days. Crap. Now my old English teacher on the other hand is earning thousands more cool points for this bit of homework while he's my Introfilm teacher: Journal 1: Focus on the best film you saw over summer vacation. Journal 2: View one of the following films and comment on its photography: Death Sentence, balls of fury, the nanny diaries, ressurecting the champ, stardust, sicko for in theatres schindler's list, panic room, big fish, traffic, the shining, sin city Hey mom, dad. Yeah I literally need to see Sin City. Let's go rent it ;) Also want to see Shoot Em Up. I'm in an over-the-top action mood and I've loved Paul Giomatti since Cinderella Man and really want to see him as an evil bastard.

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