Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally Sep 03, 2007 8:15PM PST

well at least there's one song I can sing and play (on guitar) simultaneously. In honesty, I only posted this cause the other one was starting to get chock full of POSTS WITHOUT A PURPOSE! (thank you ilovepsm) But to make sure that maybe doesn't happen, hey have you seen the bosses for GHIII? My question: with some of both artist's most famous songs on there already, how is this supposed to spice anything up aside from "celebrity stamping" (a term I use for when celebrities aren't there because they're actually needed but just for publicity ie Jerry Springer hosing America's Got Talent)? I mean is it that much more exciting just bcause your playing against a CGI rendering of the guy that played the song your playing? Y'know you can buy videos of these guys teaching you real guitar right? Cheaper too. My guess is they'll lay down some original jam session tracks which could be cool, but even at concerts I get annoyed with 10 minute wailing (play a song damnit!) so hopefully that's not what happens. Still, I'm not sure how they're going to make this any more interestig than "look, there's a digital version of the tophat guy!" EDIT: Wild Hogs was not that bad. Actually, I found it pretty funny. It's exactly what you think it is but being that I had a good time I see nothing wrong with that. Anyway to put things in perspective I can sing/play simultaneously but only with simple punk songs (ie Misfits- "Bullet"). Still, I like being able to, it's definitely more fun than just playing guitar and now I may be able to write my own joke songs now. Yay. And thanks to my IntroFilm class I'll have finally seen The Godfather by the end of this semester. And guess what retroyoshi? I'll see Run Lola Run all th way through to. And 1up would appreciate my teacher (formerly my English teacher) is recomending King of Kong to everyone. Between Forensics, this and Audio Prod looks like a good semester so far. If only I could convince them I'm not considering any field that would require Calculus. Damn. And no, when I say it's cheaper to get instructional vids I'm not including guitar costs. Forgot to er... mention those.

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