Friday, February 22, 2013

Hey cool Feb 17, 2008 7:35PM PST

Mike finally got around to uploading some videos from that concert we went to.

This one has relatively poor sound quality but I think it actually might be me you hear yelling "Happy birthday ass" on this (and no I'm not sure if it's me, I have NO clue what I sound like... seriously). In retrospect he said Ash pretty clearly. You can see Mike headbanging round about 00:38

This one has the best sound quality Mike could get minus being a bit quiet and the backseat singer next to him (who is admittedly kinda funny). If you're wondering what happens at the end, Mike is hit in the head by a stage diver.

The two Black Dahlia Murder one's have such horrible sound quality I can't justify posting them, they basically sound like the end of 3IOB vid no. 2

In gaming news, playing a real guitar gives you automatic disadvantage at Guitar Hero:

I promise I'll post something un-rock-related in the near future. Wish me luck on that writing contest tomorrow.

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