Friday, February 22, 2013

God I miss 8th grade Feb 20, 2008 3:47PM PST

Ok not really. Middle school in general and high school had plenty of happy moments but plenty more crappy ones.

But one happy moment was realizing that on a sleazy midnight radio show where teens professed their disgusting sex problems (many of which made me change the channel) there was an Aetheist and former carpenter comedian with a nasally voice bearing wisdom in the form of uncommon common sense.

That guy's name was Adam Carolla.

From his religious rants that were somewhat akin to Bill Mayer (another Aetheist I love and don't always necessarily agree with) but with a certain more hateful approach (with Dr. Drew calmy presenting some good opinions as well)

to his commentary on the state of the nation's intelligence

and finally what made him a cult hero of sorts, his hanging up on Ann Coulter

he's a radio comedian that has opinions on things totally unrelated to farts, and I don't care if his upcoming movie (forgot what it is even) will likely suck I like the guy's style.

In other news, I just bought


which I essentially bought for "Slow Hands" and "Evil" and though "Not Even Prison" is a nice tune much of it sounds a bit too slow for me. Well, slow is the wrong word but the last indie album I bought was The Strokes' First Impressions of Earth and even though it had its faults each song was unique and at least somewhat lively. Many of the songs on this CD are great too but they're missing that smooth sing-along feel you get with stuff like "Heinrich Manuever". I realize I've only had it 3 days so I'll give it some more time before a final judgement



Somewhere between Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and the hardcore underground scene lies the high pitched yet somehow simulataneously gritty proclamations of singer Cam and the sure to be timeless riffs of lead guitarist Sean. It's absolutely perfect driving music but it's also plenty complex musically with breakdowns galore (see "Forest King") and hard hitting numbers like "Night Marauders" that ensure it'll stay in that CD changer for a while.

I never thought I'd like a band named 3 Inches of Blood, especially one who's back catalogue involves a song called "Destroy the Orcs" but they've managed to fuel outrageous amounts of testorone and done something interesting and new with a classic sound without being overly pretentious.

Of course, it helps that I know how amazing they are live (see last blog).

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