Sunday, February 24, 2013

House cleaning, Ozzfest, and Daily Stress Aug 08, 2008 6:33AM PST

Been deleting some friends who haven't posted in 2 years, editors, and some I might add back later. It always amazes me how easily I'll bend on that no default invites rule. Well thanks to all who voted on my Ozzfest adventures for me, I'll keep those in mind when I go and you can view the results in the directly preceding blog. I don't think I'll have a picture blog to accompany my experience because I'm not planning on taking much but bottled water, cash for merch, and a big thing of soda I'll refill with water when the bastards inevitably make me trash the H2O so they can gouge me on $4 Ozarka plastic. Plus, it's not like there's going to be a shortage of youtube videos on the event and I'm no professional photographer either so it won't be much different if I just borrow other people's videos. I'm also not keen on the idea of wearing all black, all day. White shirt n khaki shorts if I can manage it. And today is special as well, as I'm visiting a friend I haven't seen in a good two years or so. He's the one I occossionally post facebook conversations with when I have nothing good for you guys. Stress factors: I'm going to attempt to get in touch with Etech Inc., a job located near my campus who promises tuition reimbursement. I left an application with them and it's the first time an employer called me regarding my interest so I'm somewhat hopeful though with skepticism. Wish me luck. Stress Factor #2: I'm attempting to avoid any calls from work and plan to be in East Dallas by the time they could reach me as I'm almost certain they're going to be short a worker today. I had already been granted a request I put in about a month ago to have today and tommorrow off for Ozzfest, and one of my coworkers asks if I can fill in for him. My compromise was to give him my shift yesterday, as I didn't care about it and he wanted it. I feel shitty for just visiting a friend when his predicament is a cousin's wake but damnit I made plans and it may be the last time I get to see this friend before we're off to seperate colleges. And he'll likely get the day off anyway (he probably already asked), he just wanted to see if he could get covered. If they attempt to fire him I might quit cause that's just shitty considering who they've kept *cough* fuckin in the john*cough*. Plus, Friday isn't superbusy, so they should be able to handle it with two peeps. Y'know if only he brought this up before yesterday... I hate stressing out when I can't do favors. Oi! I'm glad I'm leaving in two weeks I'll say that much. He seemed fine with the arrangements though so it's whatever. On a bright note I'm more or less guaranteed to make $43 today just by selling a book. Now if only they'd call and arrange a time. I just want this day to either be over or have skipped to the point where I'm in East Dallas, purposely stranded with no car watching Pineapple Express. Y'know I've noticed most of my stress leaks in from other people's lives who I'm friendly with. Genres, away!

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