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I don't like Halo Feb 28, 2009 5:05PM PST

Several million copies and a half a year later, that sentence still makes people cry foul as though I've insulted their dead grandmother, which is why I say it. But this blog is more about some reviews, so let's hop to it Hoss: The Watchmen (motion) comic: It's one of those stories that's extremely violent, yet isn't remotely the most action-oriented thing ever, though the action is pretty nifty. Set in 1985, with Nixon as president and legislation called the Keene Act telling Superman and Batman to fuck off in favor of racism (aka NYPD... kidding), a possible war making everyone cry doomsday, a blue guy who's basically god, a man with black and white morals who's face displays this fact, and a love triangle or two, its plot looks pretty ridiculous seen from a step back (very aware of this, it chooses to parody more than its share of superhero cliches). Under the microscope however, it delves into issues as deep as the existence of god, the meaning and value of life, and what means could rightfully justify the end that is world peace. In other words, it's a costumed playground concealing tormented, confused characters in an uncertain world, with a comic book horror story about a lost man on his way to save fictional Davidstown acting as a metaphor for all goings on (echoing how the Watchmen comic itself is used to paradoxically depict reality, the falsehood of its costumed parody becoming the truth of injustice and confusion). The comic is chock filled with strong characters representing different sociopolitical and moral structures, and even those in the background, from newspaper salesman to psychiatrists to loveless lesbians strike some significant accord with the reader. Watchmen not only provides the ludicrous fantasy world of comic books, but simultaneously manages to delve deeper into the human psyche than many novels, which makes it no wonder it's considered one of the best books of all time even outside of nerd circles. The only problem I could find was that its heady material may bog down the experience for some but for me it only made me more intrigued. 10/10 and I'll be buying the actual comic on Amazon. Side note: If you watch the motion comic from itunes as I did, one criticism I have is that the voice actor does not have a great repertoire of female voices. However, his male characters are well-done and the animation is fantastic, so this option still receiveves 10/10 for me. Can't wait for the movie. Mini Reviews Okami so far: Feels more or less like Zelda, brush strokes can occasionally get annoying on Wii, but DAMN is it pretty. I honestly just want to look at it all day. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption: Yes, it's cool to control levers with your real arm and all, but the light gun aspect makes it hard as hell to dodge attacks and strafe for me. Fun though

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