Sunday, February 24, 2013

Recent to do Feb 27, 2009 2:29PM PST

Having quizzes/tests every day of this week wasn't good... especially since unlike last semester, it seems I will have to start this thing called "trying", which wasn't required to get an A just so far back I tell ya. It may be caused by some of the following: Dragonball episodes on youtube. No, not DBZ and I think I still hate that series, the one before it that was supposed to be funny, and to my surprise succeeded. Unlike the boring, repetitive crap fights of Z I remember seeing at friends' houses (and I was doubly annoyed cause this always meant we were staying inside to watch this drivel), the wackiness and perversion in this prequel are quite endearing and make for more unpredictable and fun fights. Watchmen moving comics. Should finish up this weekend I would think. 3 chapters left (each one being close to 30 minutes and 12 in all). I'm enjoying the hell out of it, minus the women sounding like trannys. So far, reviews have been semi-positive from people who seem to have read the novel (they're dissapointed but impressed overall typically) and negative reviews seem to be coming from morons who have no clue what the source material is (one complained it was a bit weighty/heady... no shit sherlock). Should be a good experience come March 6. Playing Wii (and Halo 3 when INCREDIBLY bored... seriously, Halo sucks. Sorry, fanboys). I beat Ridley in Metroid Prime: Corruption, have been playin' some Wii Sports, and doing some Order of Ecclessia (Giant's Dwelling boss's rapid fire punches being irritating). Oh sweet, there's a paste from Word option now?

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