Sunday, February 24, 2013

I just got done listening to EVERY single song on Rolling Stones' Top 500 songs Mar 19, 2009 12:46AM PST

Things learned: 1. Never, EVER do that again 2. I appreciate Hendrix much more as a songwriter and stage performer than I do as a guitarist (I was listening to most of these songs through youtube, I saw performances and to be honest I often felt his tone was a bit off but that's not something you hold against a man capable of playing with his teeth). Voodoo Child is still one of the greatest things ever written. 3. Prince has apparently taken most of his songs off youtube; this fabulous display of paranoia and arrogance regading songs that probably weren't that good leave me thanking him... from saving me from having to listen to him 4. I'm not a doo wop fan 6. My Chemical Romance, is I think one of the first bands ever to cover a Dylan song and do absolutely nothing interesting with it (it's surprisingly passable as a song in its own right simply because it sounds like a Ramones song but it's unoffensive and then it's over and much like the movie it was made for makes you wonder if there was much of a point in reinterpreting the source material) 7. I'm sure everyone else knew this already but I was not aware the singer on "Son of a Preacher Man" Dusty Springfield was white and English 8. I love Elvis Costello 9. I also love Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles and Creedence Clearwater slightly more than I already did 10. I love Neil Young 11. Chuck D of Public Enemy is my favorite rapper thus far in terms of voice 12. I love the song Rainy Night in Georgia by Brook Benton 13. James Brown is even more repetitive than I initially thought 14. Sweet Home Alabama was written as a pissed off response to Neil Young's "Southern Man" which means the song is actually about something... did not see that coming 15. I find putting Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" as song #1 simply because it influenced a magazine name rather obnoxious (and I don't see any other reason to do so, especially when he has much better songs) 16. I think Bohemian Rhapsody should be #1 17. I still like Nirvana, whether or not people copying them well into now is incredibly annoying 18. Rolling Stones are best when doing chill songs like "Beast of Burden", I still love "Paint it Black" and I feel "Sympathy for the Devil" goes nowhere for me 19. Someone at RS has some very obscure 50s tastes 20. While I love what I thought was funk ie certain RHCP tunes, I actually hate the real thing ie songs like "Flashlight" More to come maybe. Too tired now. Learned entirety of Iron Man. Video soon. Night. Edit: Ok I'm actually digging George Clinton style funk; blame RS for pointing me towards the crap ("One Nation Under A Groove" is still way the hell too long)

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