Sunday, February 24, 2013

One of those weeks Mad World Grand Theft Auto Chinatown DS Wii Mar 27, 2009 12:18AM PST

Well, I'm 19 as of Monday (23rd) It's been kind of a rollercoaster ride, spring break this past week was great, going out to eat just about every day, seeing my friend Veronica, getting a new guitar case and an ipod (which my mom scored for free along with a $15 itunes gift card) for my birthday, and otherwise laying around and getting on the net/reading. Then I went back..... Having studied the night before my last Psychology test for countless hours and understanding every concept fairly well plus going to a review session I thought I was set for at least an 85. Instead, I found out they lost my scantron (luckily I had written my answers on the actual test and can hopefully go over it in my prof's office) so that two days later I could discover I'd made a 78. Oh joy. Also, I'm usually lax about filling out all the answers on the actual test so I'm almost positive I missed 1 or 2 on unfilled blanks which would have been filled on the scantron if some people could be a bit more fucking competent. A math test I thought I had at least passed I flunked with a 58 which means because I've flunked every quiz with a 50 something, a couple Cs on a homework and on the other test we've taken are all that's keepin me afloat and for the first time in at least 10 years I may fail a course. On top of shitty grades, I bought a Tracfone card with some birthday money (actually the vast majority of the $40 of bday money I got at 32$) because I had a promo code for 40 bonus minutes. I put the promo code in the wrong place (the place on my phone that says CODE ENTER MODE.. thanks, dicks) and entering the code for the card itself where I always do has meant being told several times my card has been used so fuck my promo code. I tried calling them once, I was frustrated, couldn't understand the assistant's Indian accent especially with noise around me and was ultimately disconected after running in circles to get my card so I could tell her the code. Hopefully when I call again, this gets resolved. I wanted to go tanning this week because I'm so ridiculously pasty pale and because the sun was shining. It rained the day I planned to start. Then my iTunes card doesn't work when I try to redeem the cash while signing up my account and shortly after that my internet stops working because of an IP adress issue. Luckily, these two problems have been fixed by 1) turning the PC off and on again and 2) redeeming cash after the iTunes was set up. In other good news, I've started seriously adding running to my work out, burning 500 calories yesterday and quickly getting back on the wagon after a week of overly fatty foods. Also, I can fix most of what went wrong so no biggy. My friend Cameron bought Mad World for Wii, and while it's fun and funny I have to say after 300, Sin City, Watchmen and other bloody fare the violence just doesn't phase me any more. I also think that on the difficulty level I'm playing on enemies are way too stupid. However, the variety and style make it a fun time, its most triumphant moments thus far being its boss fights. The pimp minigames are good for a shameful chuckle, but finishing off bosses is very satisfying. He also seems to be enjoying GTA: Chinatown (I haven't played it) which has much better graphics than I expected. Song of the Week (at least mine) The Beatles - Let it Be Speaking of songs, I've got a list of the 13 songs I'll be able to freebee off this gift card. I'm trying to go with artists I own nothing of yet and drift away from metal a bit. Bands are bolded, asteriks mean I might consider buying the album instead, and songs are only bolded if I know I want them. In other words, apart from "Imagine" and "I'm on a Boat" I'm open to suggestions preferably to newer styles, rarities, and classics. 1. Black Keys - Things Ain't Like they Used to Be 2. * (You're a Woman, I'm a Machine) DFA 1979 - Pull Out 3. John Lennon - Imagine 4. Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden 5. The Beatles - Let it Be 6. * (Watchmen) Simon and Garfunkel - Sound of Silence 7. * (Watchmen) Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower 8. Stevie Ray Vaughn - Voodoo Chile 9. * (Watchmen) Bob Dylan - Times They Are a Changin' 10. Guns n' Roses - Paradise City 11. * (Incredibad) The Lonely Island - I'm On a Boat 12. Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying 13. REM - Losing My Religion

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