Sunday, February 24, 2013

In my head a Cardinal victory is playing Feb 01, 2009 7:57PM PST

But, in reality, it was still a good game. Like Matt Dillahunty said before I started watching, it was a Sunday of prayer with only half getting their way. Guess my little demonic ass shoulda prayed harder, but that energy is reserved for dumbasses who think the movie Zeitgeist has any validity to get off my lawn and take off their tin foil hats cause it screws with my satelite signal; at this time I will praise the Lord. Still, 100 yard interception/return plus damn near comeback = great entertainment. How Nacogdoches got that many local commercials in I still don't know.... and yet it matters not cause for the first time in forever I payed attention to the actual game. Now, back to Hitchens and Brave New World, the former of which is getting really effing good and the latter is starting out a little too cut and paste utopia that's actually a dystopian future (mass reproduction? Eh, wouldn't bother me much if the environment could meet the demands of the specimens) but we'll see. In gaming news, Order of Ecclessia seems to be unfolding at a far more rapid pace than it did when I first picked it up. Ever since that giant crab was sent to hell, it seems to be getting easier too, especially now I've realized when to use what glyphs.

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