Sunday, February 24, 2013

Recent quotes of mine just for the hell of it Feb 06, 2009 1:35PM PST

"I felt gravity pull me towards the self realization of the TV in the moment I inhaled and saw the future" - Something I texted my friend when I was high on medical marijuana and actually felt like the TV was sucking me to it; I probably didn't do too well on the Math quiz I had the next day "It's like all my friends are coming out of the closet and I'm stuck in the hallway of 'I know I like titty' meeting everyone halfway on their way out" - After having two male friends come out to me as gay, one lesbian, and one friend of mine say she's bi all over facebook within the last month. I'm tempted to just go down the list of everyone I know and ask if they're gay to get it out of the way, but I doubt I'll get results from that. "Ban weed, ban gay marriage, ban free sex; does it seem to you a bit odd that "men of God" are the first to take issue with his creation?" - I'm just sayin' "I was just sitting in the dorm bored out of my mind and thought, you know what would be funny? Porn bloopers" - Self explanatory "Any idiot with an opposable thumb can make up stories and write shit down; I'll deal in the beauty of reality that's far greater than anything he imagined in an attempt to manipulate or order what was far more gorgeous in its true chaos, something which man has only the capacity to discover and be awed by but not to invent; and therefore it is the only thing which implies to me the authority of a higher force and that is why I have an obligation to my environment but not to your assertions as to how I should choose to experience it" - Again, I'm just sayin' "There is such a thing as too big; when you're boyfriend wants you to have smaller tits shall now be the measuring stick for how truly insane a woman is" - In response to Brazillian gallon of silicone which.... no seriously, there is such a thing as too big "I used to be a fan of Michael Phelps but now that I know he did that and smokes weed, I am eternally fuckin' impressed" - In regards to events that no one gives a shit about unless completely ignorant about the barely-still-taboo plant's effects; seriously he was also getting hammered drunk and it was the off season and no one gets in trouble for being hammered drunk in the off season, yet the minute you inhale green suddenly your career's in jeapordy De facto reasoning people, combatting the idiocy of propoganda driven de jure taboo since 1965 "Are you proud to be an American? 'I don't know, I didn't have a lot to do with it, I mean my parents fucked here'." - Ok, that one was Bill Hicks but you gotta love him. "I made the Dean's list with a 3.75, and all I got was this stupid letter" - I'm just doing this to brag at this point :p "I enjoy sex; I don't have it but I'm assuming it'd be nice, now who wants to test this hypothesis? We'll cross examine how it feels on hard drugs" - I want to go to Sweden and conduct this; I really do "Dear god, I need to get laid; that or commit a felony and even if I don't like it at least it's a direct route to that goal; naw, I'd rather sleep, maybe I'll write a blog to pass the time" - The thought process that began this blog

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