Friday, February 22, 2013

It's one of those times Jun 09, 2007 1:53PM PST

Hmm.... yup I'll admit it: sometimes I'll quit on a blog if I'm not getting the responses want. Usually this is due to misinterpretation. For instance the blog I'm replacing right now. I really am not mad at Ebert for anything. Matter of fact I admit the number of games I've played that border on art are very very few. I just thought his definition of what "art" is seemed a little off and wanted to take some (what I thought were) funny potshots at him for kicks. The comments went more into how the "art" debate is pretty futile and yes, I know (it's also boring) but I really wasn't trying to argue so much that as Ebert's definition (and character through aforementioned potshots). And it wasn't really an argument so much as "how do I make a ridiculously minor and pointless flaw in a person funny at their expense?" Usually I'll have one sentence replacement blogs so I thought it'd be fun for once to explain the replacement. Soon to follow: Part 1 of the "real adventures" The First Weekend. Note: I understand why those who misinterpreted did, no hard feelings. .... and shitiness wasn't the reason for deletion.

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