Friday, February 22, 2013

Movie vending machines Aug 18, 2007 4:48AM PST

Apparently my dad found these at the local grocery and they go for 99 cents a pop. Cool idea. He got Premonition which I didn't watch any of the 3 times he did (he falls asleep a lot during movies).

Blood Diamond I caught a bit of last night and will prolly watch the rest of later on. Despite that I'm not sure I buy DiCaprio as a white South African 1) it looks like a good movie, 2) I'm surprised how much I like African rock and 3) show this to your girlfriends... from what a certain comic tells me unless they're heartless it could save you a lot of cash spent on bloody bling bling.

Anywho, I had a blog ready about the convenience of movies compared to other media quite a while ago actually, but decided against it when I basically stated the obvious (as in movies ask the least of their conniseurs etc.) but maybe I'll go ahead and post it when I'm awake (it is currently 647AM I have not slept since my shift from 6PM-1145PM last night) and if you all see the proof positive that not all of this type of music is "just about making noise":

Plus it just fits since it's based on a movie called Johnny Got His Gun (or maybe How Johnny Got His Gun, I forget). Plus I get 1up points for it showing up in Guitar Hero III lol.

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