Friday, February 22, 2013

Pay Raise FTW! Aug 16, 2007 7:06PM PST

Should be movin' on up from $20 tip share nights to $50 tip share nights. Woopty! Only thing: I feel kind of guilty because I've only been working about a month as a busser but another one who's been working since March isn't getting the upboot. I think it's only cause he's 16, I'm 17, and he can't be (if its not the age thing I don't see what cuz he's a cool guy) a Take Away order person but anyway.. I'm still taking the job if not only because the othe busser I mainly worked with was always kind of a jerk what with when Take Away ppl told me I'd be moving up soon (I've been getting great reviews for my busser work for w/e reason, I'll take it) he said "no you won't". Now to put this into perspective I closed for this guy twice and though it may have ended up being convenient enough I switched shifts with him and changed my schedule at least a few times for him. Then he had the nerve to talk about how great his new job would be when I asked him not to because I thought I'd be in a shitstorm of overwork when he announced his two weeks notice the day before his weeklong vacay. So guilty over busser #1 not getting the boost (especially when he said his check came to only aout 4 or so an hr; that just ain't right) but I still need some extra money to buy my own schoolbooks (average about $50 a book and I'll have 8 classes, 4 of which I kno Ill need textbooks for) and though I don't think busser #2 is a bad person (he's had his own shit) it's a nice little bit of karma revenge. Now all I have to do is memorize that menu, buy my schoolbooks, finish summer reading assignments and buy school clothes and supplies before August 30. Yeah, I can do that ;)

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