Friday, February 22, 2013

Movies won Mar 20, 2007 1:50PM PST

In the meantime I'll be doing the blog for Drama films(first installment of movie part of miniseries) in Word but don't expect it until later, because I still have homework and we're going on retreat Thursday and Friday(my birthday!) of this week. Back to reading One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer by Nathaniel Fick. It's actually interesting once they get into Iraq but the Marine tech speak is all getting lost on me(there'll be like 30 different types of weapons mentioned in a single sentence) Thank God that quiz wasn't today. Got to watch bunch of parts of war movies (Full Metal Jacket included) in English today too. ........ Basically nothing to report but that my life is uninteresting and last blog has enough comments. responses~ incrediblebrendan~ didn't know you were seeing someone gina~ muuuuuch better lol FF_Killa~ All music is emotional, so that really doesn't help specifically define anything Sturby~ Hell, grunge is "emo" if that term means depressing.

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